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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Personnel Committee Minutes 04/01/10
MINUTES, April 1, 2010

Members Present:  Max McCreery, Chairman; Frank LoRusso, Jennie Greene, Steve Lewenberg.

Also present:  J. B. Riggs Parker, BOS representative; Timothy Carroll, Executive Secretary; Chuck Hodgkinson, Staff Representative; Clarissa Allen, Chair of the Board of Assessors; Lenny Jason, Board of Assessors; Liz Oliver, Board of Assessors; Pam Bunker, Assistant Assessor.

The meeting was called to order by Max McCreery at 8:06 AM.

Max asked Steve Lewenberg why he was at the table when he resigned from the Board at the last meeting.

Steve stated that he had not submitted a letter to the Board of Selectmen hence he is still a member of the Board.  He indicated that he had not decided if he would continue on the Board, but he would determine whether or not he could still contribute to the Board.

Max stated that he thought that he had resigned and that perhaps the Board of Selectmen should determine what his status is.

Steve stated that the Board has no power to decide whether or not he is a member of the Board or not.  He was appointed by the Board of Selectmen and that he was appointed for a specific term.  The Personnel Board can not change that, and he takes it as a personal offense that Max suggested that.

Frank LoRusso stated that the decision should be left to the Selectmen.  Jennie Greene stated that she concurred with Frank.

Steve asked what would be referred to the Selectmen, and Frank told him that the question of whether or not he is still a member of the Personnel Board would be referred to the Selectmen.

It was pointed out that Steve found that the Board disagreed with his opinion and he lost his temper and resigned from the Board.  Steve agreed that he lost his temper and that he resigned in a moment of anger.  

It was left that the problem with be referred to the Selectmen.

Max McCreery then recognized Clarissa Allen.  She told the Board that she thought that the issue about increase in grade for the Assistant Assessor position had been approved by the Board.  

The recommendation had been sent to the Selectmen, who in turn asked that the job descriptions of other members of the “financial team” be reviewed to see if their positions should also be changed.  The Personnel Board has reviewed the other positions and do not feel that there is merit in increasing the grade level of the other positions.

Frank continued by saying that perhaps the position should be regarded again.

Riggs stated that the Selectmen are concerned about holding the line in the change in grades and the cost to the Town.  He continued to say that he feels that there is no reason to have one member of the team to be on a higher grade than the others.

There was a discussion about the fact that the Personnel Board only can make a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen for a change in grade.  It was pointed out that MA General Laws specify that the Board of Assessors are the appointing authority for their staff.  However, the Town does not follow that.  The Selectmen sign the warrant and therefore must approve any increases in pay.

The Assessors stated that they have been fiscally responsible to the Town and that they do a great deal of work for the Town that would otherwise have to be done by paid assistants. In addition a great deal of work that is presently done the Board of Assessors Department that is contracted out in other towns.

The fact that the job has changed due to state requirements is not exclusively a problem for the Assessors rather it is true for most Town departments.

Pam stated that the state has required an entirely different type of work since she started.  She is now doing complex work as is required by the new laws.

Chuck reminded the Board of the wording of the Bylaw regarding the adoption of a system of classes.

The Board then re-evaluated the position.  There was agreement on some scoring and disagreement on others.  Chuck announced that the score came out to 361.  This was after some discussion about whether or not the position has supervisory responsibilities or not.

The motion was made to recommend that the position be regarded up to a grade 10.  This was moved, seconded and voted.

There was a discussion about whether or not the Board felt that the evaluation manual is appropriate.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 AM.

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