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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Personnel Board Minutes 02/04/10
Town   o f   C h i l m a r k   P e r s o n n e l   B o a r d
M i n u t e s
Thursday, February 4, 2010
Chilmark Town Hall

Present:  Max McCreery (Chair), Jennie Greene, Frank LoRusso, Stephen Lewenberg

Also Present: J.B. Riggs Parker (BOS observer), Marina Lent (Secretary), Timothy R. Carroll (Executive Secretary)

Absent:  Chuck Hodgkinson (Staff Representative)  

Minutes of January 21, 2010 approved as amended. The Board then discussed how it wished to see minutes written.   
Review of Chilmark position descriptions:  The Board considered whether to undertake a systematic review of Town position descriptions, in particular, whether it is advisable to frame such a review as a re-grading exercise.  Riggs Parker pointed out that changes in a position description don’t always imply that the grade will be increased.
Discussion of the grading system used by the town revealed some dissatisfaction with the grading manual, which was designed to enable using the same system to grade all positions.  Members felt that the manual could be improved.
Review of Town Finance Positions:  The Board noted that it had been requested to undertake a review of all the Town finance position descriptions, including a grade review.  The Board will proceed to review the remaining finance positions.
Stephen Lewenberg reported on the work of a subcommittee consisting of himself, Chuck Hodgkinson, and Treasurer Melanie Becker.  The subcommittee had graded the position of Town Treasurer using the Municipal Position Evaluation Manual, and had concluded that the position is properly graded at a Grade 9.
Board of Selectmen Review of Town Executive functions/position descriptions:  Riggs Parker reported on an initiative of two of the three Selectmen to change executive, management and operational functions at the top levels of appointed Town government.  Together with Selectman Frank Fenner, he had reconfigured position descriptions of the Executive Secretary and the Coordinator of Administrative Support. He provided Board members with copies of the drafts, and asked for their input and suggestions.  He also expressed his preference for conducting this review outside of public BOS meetings and noted that BOS member Warren Doty is not in favor of this initiative.
The Board decided to form a subcommittee of two members, who would solicit input from the other members of the Board in order to formulate a Personnel Board response. Max McCreery and Jennie Greene will form the subcommittee.  Personnel Board members are asked to contact the subcommittee members with their views.
Performance Evaluation Process:   The Board reviewed the past year’s experience with its new performance evaluation process, and considered ways to enhance it in the coming year. The overall goal is to change the focus from problems to improvement, and to integrate the evaluation process into an ongoing effort for improvement of all employees and supervisors alike.
Stephen Lewenberg felt that the following are the principles underlying the town’s performance evaluation process:
  • No checkboxes
  • Emphasis on goals and objectives going into the future;
  • Developing a process that facilitates ongoing dialogue between employee and supervisor.
The following changes were suggested:
  • Ensure completion by the supervisor(s) of the form recommending for or against a step increase for the employee under evaluation;
  • Ensure completion of the process by forwarding the completed step increase recommendation form to the Treasurer;
  • Make provisions for an employee-self-evaluation as a part of the performance evaluation process.
Performance Evaluation of Seasonal Employees:    Jennie Greene stated that some recorded evaluation is necessary, at a minimum something which indicates “yes” or “no” as to whether the supervisor would recommend re-hiring this individual.  Tim Carroll reminded that Board that it had voted on this question that each Department which hires seasonal employees should decide to evaluate these employees as it sees fit.  
Frank LoRusso was asked to pull together an overview of different evaluation methods used by different departments to evaluate seasonal employees.  
Annual Town Report 2009:  The Personnel Board’s annual report to the Town was approved as amended.
New member of Personnel Board:  The Board noted that a Chilmark citizen, Kelly McCarthy, has expressed interest in becoming a member of the Board.  The Board will invite Ms. McCarthy to attend its next meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 9:38am.

Approved:       ______________________________________________ Date:__________
                Maxwell McCreery, Chairman

A recording of this meeting is on file at the Board of Health office and available for on-site review.

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