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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 06/06/17
Chilmark Board of Selectmen   June 6, 2017     Meeting Minutes

Present: Chairman Bill Rossi, Jim Malkin, Warren Doty, Tim Carroll, Harbormaster Dennis Jason, Matthew Mayhew, John Keene, Shelley Edmundson, Wes Brighton,
Steve Broderick, Tim Broderick, Dan Broderick, Everett Poole, Dianne Smith, John Larsen, Todd Godale, Janet Weidner, Edward Andresen, Lenny Jason, David White,  Denny Jason, Paul MacDonald, Scot McDowell, Annett Cingle, Peter Cook, Police Chief Jonathan Klarèn, Shanna Kay Brown- Samuels, Brian Kennedy, Karseten Larsen, Hillary Dryer, Melanie Becker, Margret Maida, Rich Salsman, Chloe Reichel and MVTV videographer.

At 5:00 PM Chairman Rossi called meeting to order in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

Draft minutes from the Selectmen’s May 16, 2017 meeting were reviewed, corrections were made. Mr. Doty moved to approve minutes as corrected, Mr. Malkin seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

MV Fishermen’s Preservation Trust (MVFPT):
Shelly Edmundson (MVFPT Executive Director) read the letter that was sent to the Selectmen in opposition of awarding Mr. Broderick space on the Commercial Dock. “We respectfully request further review of the proposal for a charter boat operation business brought to the Board of Selectmen on May 16, 2017 by Mr. Stephen Broderick. This proposal requests “a permanent dock space south of the Harbor Master’s shack where the Mayhew boats used to tie.” This dock space is designated as the Commercial Fishing Bulkhead, and under the Chilmark Waterway Rules and Regulations, the purpose of this dock area is to “accommodate commercial fishing boats only.” While we support Mr. Broderick’s fishing party boat business plan, we do not support the docking location requested. Permitting charter boats to dock within the commercial fishing dock space will change the clear, designated use of the commercial fishing dock area, and will utilize space needed for commercial fishing operations. We would like to request a more thorough review process of this proposal. Again, we are in support of Mr. Broderick’s charter boat fishing business plan, but do not support utilizing commercial fishing dock spaces for non-commercial fishing purposes.”

Chairman Rossi asked if anyone from the MVFPT has talked with the Broderick’s. Steve Broderick said no one from MVFPT has spoken with him. Mr. Keene said he attempted and did leave a voice message on Mr. Broderick’s cell. Mr. Malkin read his comments on this topic. “Having reviewed the letter from the Preservation Trust, having heard from a number of members of the community and having reviewed the history of Menemsha, I note the following:
  • Since the late ’40s or early ‘50s and through the ‘70s, there have been 3 headboats run out of Menemsha - Rasmus Klimm, Steve Broderick and Bill O’Gorman
  • All of these boats tied alongside the commercial dock
  • Additionally over the years we have had a number of draggers (Carol L, Unicorn, Quitsa Strider) that tied alongside the commercial dock while inactive
Malkin Continued…The commercial fishing industry in Menemsha (and New England and the world) has changed dramatically for multiple reasons. ~The commercial fishing operation in Menemsha is considerably less active now then it was from the late 40s and through the ‘70s. Mr. Broderick’s operation next summer should pose no problem for the existent conditions at the harbor. Should traffic from commercial fishing boats increase next summer or in the future and the presence of Mr. Broderick’s vessel encumber commercial fishing in Menemsha, then the Harbor Master should relocate the vessel’s tie up location. I would suggest that we supply Mr. Broderick with an order of conditions for the operation of his vessel from Menemsha, to include:
  • Parking for his patrons to be at the dump parking lot. ~Mr. Broderick and the Chilmark Police Chief to work out an acceptable method of enforcing this parking requirement.
  • Mr. Broderick will lie alongside at the direction of the Harbor Master.
  • The Harbor Master will relocate Mr. Broderick’s vessel should active use of the commercial dock increase and Mr. Broderick’s vessel encumber the use of that dock.”
Karsten Larsen said he did not hear anything about a charter boat before the Selectmen had the meeting approving Mr. Broderick’s charter boat application. Karsten Larsen made it clear he is dead set against having a charter boat at the commercial dock. Mr. Larsen said that the US Army Corps designated the south side of the gas dock all the way a commercial fishing dock.
John Keene said he was sorry that he did not get a chance to talk to Steve Broderick. Steve Broderick said he was willing to move anywhere within Menemsha Harbor.  Mr. Brighton said the most important thing here tonight is to make room for both purposes (commercial and charter).
Paul McDonald (Shearwater) said he came before the Selectmen five years ago proposing sunset lobster cruses and was shot down. Mr. McDonald said there is supposed to be a touch-and-go dock which is still not there, it’s kind of there on the West Dock where you can land people and pickup charters. Mr. McDonald said he is still waiting to see if he can run his proposed charters out of Menemsha. Chairman Rossi said the definitive answer back when you came to the Selectmen was no. A dinner sunset charter is not a fishing business. Mr. Malkin said where the vessels go in the harbor is the authority of the harbormaster.       

Mr. Keene recommended that an area be designated (for the future if Commercial Dock fills up) so Mr. Broderick can run the head boat. Harbormaster Jason asked what the MVFPT expected for Commercial fleet. Mr. Keene said they have just secured a million dollar sea scallop deal.  Mr. Keene said a 50 foot dragger with more to follow. Harbormaster Jason said he did not see a problem with the area to be used by both as there is almost 300 feet of space at the commercial dock. Mr. Keene said he did not want it to be left to cause arguments in the future when it becomes too crowed.

Mr. Doty said the concern the commercial vessels have is that we have always rafted up when needed to unload fish but having a head boat there we would not be able to raft.
Having a touch and go spot on the channel for loading and unloading with a mooring might be a good plan for the head boat operation.  

MV Fishermen’s Preservation Trust (MVFPT) Continued…
Mr. Doty said if a spot for the Broderick boat were available say from 8:00 AM to 8:30 and again for the 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM for loading and unloading passengers.
Harbormaster Jason said he likes the idea of a head boat. Throughout the summers he gets requests from visitors asking where they can take their kids fishing for a couple of hours. Harbormaster Jason points out the charter dock area. The cost of hiring a personal charter is often too costly. Harbormaster Jason said he will not have a problem finding room for the head boat.

Mr. Doty said we have heard from the community about their concerns for the Commercial Dock use and we have a year to work on this prior to the Broderick’s head boat service in Menemsha.   David White a member of the MVFPT asked to please be involved in future issues concerning the commercial fishing areas. Chairman Rossi said he would like to involve the Harbor Advisory Committee for their recommendations in the future. Mr. Malkin said we do post all of our meeting agenda’s online and recommend parties subscribe to the notices of agenda for the Selectmen’s meetings.  John Larsen said our priority should be to local resident commercial industry. The sea scallop draggers are often in competition for the lobster fishermen areas. Chairman Rossi said the Selectmen will be appointing town boards & committees tonight and there will be seven members on the Harbor Advisory Committee that should help in the plans for the harbor.

Chilmark School - Preschool Floor Repairs:
Mr. Doty said we have a small problem in the preschool room with the floor. Karpet Kare is doing major floor work in the main part of the school and can do this small repair (preschool) at the cost of $1,460.48.

Mr. Malkin moved to approve this proposal. Chairman Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Beach Staff Appointments:
The Selectmen have received from the Beach Committee Chairman Clarissa Allen the recommended beach staff appointments:
Superintendent: Martina Mastromonaco  
Asst. Superintendents Nicodemo Ciccia, Rebecca Goreham and Karyn Robertson.
Gate Guards: Frances Bradlee and Emmanuelle Ward
Parking Attendant: Kieran O’Connor, Luke Sausville
Lifeguard: Nicodemo Ciccia, Sam Bunker, Conor Estes, Rebecca Goreham, Lauren Gray, Griffin Gardner, Christina Colarusso, Haven Huck, Leif Iverson, Lila Norris, Benjamin Poole, Gabriel Robinson, Luke Susville, Hayden Sausville and Arden Wise.

Margaret Maida who is on the Chilmark Beach Committee said the committee supports this list.  
Mr. Doty moved to approve appointing the Beach staff as recommended by the beach committee. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Police Staff Appointments - Traffic Uniform
Chief Klarèn supplied the Selectmen with a list of staff appointment recommendations. (Chief Klarèn and Sargent Slavin & Elizabeth Rogers have already been appointed previously)   
Mr. Doty asked how new appointed officer Liz Rogers was fitting in. Chief Klarèn said she is doing a fine job, real good worker. Mr. Doty said Officer Rogers is already in training to become the new sexual assault investigative specialist on the department.  

Chief Klarèn introduced Kevin Burchill who is returning to work this summer. Chief Klarèn introduced new faces on the department; Brian Kennedy, Shanna Kay Brown-Samuels
Traffic officers: Kevin Burchill, Brian Kennedy, Shanna Kay Brown-Samuels & Nicole Whitney
Fulltime officers: Jesse Burton, William Fielder
Special Officers: Timothy Rich, Timothy Carroll, Bret Sterns, Marshall Carroll, Matt Bradley, Edward Andresen, John McCarron, Whitney Hyde, Kyle Sutherland.
Aquinnah Chief Randhi Belain, Sgt. Paul Manning, Steve Mathias, David Murphy.
West Tisbury Chief Dan Rossi, Lt. Matthew Mincone, Sgt. Jeffrey Manter, Sgt. Garrison Viera,
Det. Matthew Gebo, Daniel Gouldrup, Leo DeOliveira, Bradley Cortez, Nic Wojtkielo.  

Mr. Malkin moved to approve the recommendations from Police Chief Klarèn for the annual staff appointments. Mr. Doty seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Harbor Staff Appointments:
Mr. Carroll said Harbormaster Jason submitted a recommendation for the harbor staff for the Selectmen to review and appoint. Harbormaster Jason said he has one new assistant wharfinger Daniel Lee. The other staff recommendations are: Richard Steves & Glenn DeBlase as Assistant harbormasters. Tucker Simonsen as Assistant Wharfinger.

Mr. Doty moved to approve and appoint the harbor staff as recommended by the harbormaster. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival- Requests:
Hillary Dryer was present to represent The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. Chairman Rossi asked if the MVFF has verified the date in June (that the MVFF is holding a movie night at CCC). Ms. Dryer said she had been in communication with Christine Skidmore who runs the Summer Program at the Community Center who approved the June date already. Chairman Rossi said the Summer Program doesn’t take over the Chilmark Community Center till July 1st. Chairman Rossi asked if there was a food truck being used at the Chilmark Community Center for the MVFF events. Ms. Dryer said last year they use Jacqueline Foster with the Manku food- truck. She is not doing the truck this year but preparing at a catering kitchen and serving at the CCC. Chairman Rossi said the zoning official reminded the Selectmen that a food truck is not allowed at the Community Center.

Chairman Rossi directed Ms. Dryer to fill out application and pay fee for the June 28th event. Ms. Dryer said they (MVFF) might add August 21, 2017 to the event calendar too if the date is available when they have confirmed event.

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival- Requests Continued
The MVFF has also requested in writing for tonight’s meeting August 23, 2017 at the CCC and July 20th to show a free environmental film in Menemsha open to the public. Chairman Rossi asked if the MVFF has made arrangements with the VTA for additional busses to run that night. Ms. Dryer confirmed they have a plan with the VTA to run later in the evening after sunset to give viewers a ride back to their cars at the parking lot on Tabor House. Mr. Malkin asked for confirmation that no alcohol would be served at any of these events. Ms. Dryer confirmed there would be no alcohol.

Mr. Doty said the request (in the letter sent to selectmen) to place a PVC pipe to aid in the “tent” pole seems like a fine idea to install at the Community Center area. Mr. Carroll recommended they work with Rodney Bunker on this because there are septic lines and electrical lines in the area and so he is aware of the location as well.

Mr. Doty moved to approve the MVFF three dates that were requested tonight with conditions as discussed. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Surveyor of Wood, Lumber & Bark - Dianne Smith:
Chairman Rossi thanked Ms. Smith for stepping up and filling the vacant position. Mr. Doty moved to approve Dianne Smith as the Surveyor of Wood, Lumber & Bark. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Menemsha Pedestrian Way - easement
Mr. Doty said we have talked several times about getting an easement in front of the DiMaura property on Basin Road. The owner is willing to give an easement to the town if the town has a plan in place. Mr. Doty recommended developing a plan for a potential walkway with a drawing that shows a retaining wall with proper dimensions that would be needed. Mr. Malkin asked if Peter Cook would comment about the Planning Board’s recommendations.

Mr. Cook said this Thursday we are meeting with a traffic expert arranged through Adam Turner at the MVC. Mr. Carroll said the report from the consultant is due in October. Mr. Cook said we will have some preliminary reactions from the specialist on the site visit this Thursday. Chairman Rossi authorized Tim Carroll to contact Reid Silva of Vineyard Land Surveying (VLS) to draw a plan we can take to the DiMaura’s in the next few weeks when they arrive in Menemsha.
Mr. Malkin recommended making the plans very general so we don’t hamper the Planning Board Sub-Committee’s efforts. Mr. Carroll said he could wait till after Thursday (after Planning Board site visit to Menemsha with traffic specialist) to contact VLS.

Menemsha - Shell disposal area, Lobster Bait & Boats:
Mr. Doty said he got a call from Christine of Larsen’s Fish Market asking where they are supposed to dump the shells (shellfish shells) because there was discussion of moving the shell disposal area. Discussion ensued. It was decided to keep them in the same place between the board walk and the dune by the Comfort Station. Also it was decided to keep them (shells) in a pile and not spread-out.

Summer Preparation: Swim Line, Shuttle Lot, Shuttle Schedule, Parking Rules:
Mr. Doty asked who was putting the swim line into place this season. Harbormaster Jason confirmed it is the harbor’s responsibility. Mr. Doty asked if we own the materials to complete this. Harbormaster Jason said the buoys have been ordered some came in already and some they sent were the wrong buoys. Everett Poole confirmed the correct buoys will be in this Thursday. Mr. Doty said so the swim line could be in by June 15, 2017.

Mr. Doty said the Shuttle Lot solar lights have arrived and we are waiting on the cement base for installing them at the lot. Mr. Carroll said engineer Kent Healy recommended using 2x6 concrete blocks with a 4” hole in them to support the light pole. Mr. Carroll said he has a meeting with Peter at Goodales (concrete plant) on Thursday to go over what we need and have them cast custom blocks. Mr. Carroll estimated the solar lights up and running at the parking lot at Tabor house Road by July 1, 2017. Mr. Carroll said John Keene will prepare the lot next week. The Highway Superintendent will then paint parking lines. Mr. Carroll said Seth Karlinsky will be assembling the bus shelter when it arrives to the island (estimated arrival is 6/15/17).

Chairman Rossi asked what the status of the Chilmark Community Center Vestibule. Mr. Carroll said it has been scheduled to start November 6, 2017 Mr. Carroll said the request for bids will be sent out in the beginning of August. Mr. Carroll said we will then award the job in September.

Mr. Doty said he would like to address the parking concerns in Menemsha. Mr. Doty said there is still quite a few signs to put up. Mr. Carroll referred to the Menemsha walk through checklist from the May 9th Selectmen’s Meeting.
Mr. Carroll said the parking placards are available and the Harbor Department can start issuing them.  Chief Klarèn said Kevin printed up flyers that state 2017 new parking placards are required for the west dock and if they don’t have a red colored one, they should go see harbor department. Mr. Carroll said the signs for parking restrictions are all here and will be installed by the Highway Department. Mr. Carroll asked Harbormaster Jason how late the Commercial Fishing parking spots (just after the bridge to the right on Basin) are needed. Mr. Carroll said there are three commercial fishermen who are identified to park there. Harbormaster Jason said 5:00 PM usually. Selectmen recommended (unique) placards for the three fishermen to utilize for those three spots.  
Mr. Doty asked about the (green) no parking signs for North Road; if it would be as last year, which seemed to work well. Mr. Doty asked about the 30 Minutes space at the Menemsha store and how are we enforcing that. Chief Klarèn said he spoke with Kevin Oliver (Store proprietor) Chief Klarèn described the video scan method so the officers will not have to mark the cars. If they go over ½ an hour parking in the restricted areas they will be ticketed.

Health Insurance -assorted items for discussion and action:
Mr. Carroll said before we discuss the Health Insurance we need to clarify that we will need to declare the rule of necessity. Chairman Rossi declared we need to evoke the rule of necessity. Selectmen voted yes to invoke rule of necessity. State Ethics Commission General Counsel notes: municipalities which lack a quorum of councilors or selectmen to approve acceptance of Chapter 69 because of conflicts of interest, the rule of necessity may be invoked by one or more of

Health Insurance -assorted items for discussion and action Continued
the disqualified members to allow them to participate in deciding whether to accept that Chapter. When this is done, the minutes must reflect that the board lacks a quorum because of conflicts of interest of members and specifically state the facts that give rise to those conflicts, and that the rule of necessity is being used to allow the board to take a valid vote.

Mr. Carroll said we need to re discuss and vote the health insurance items from the May 2, 2017 Selectmen’s meeting. Melanie Becker said the Selectmen had moved and approved offering the Health Savings Account (HSA) / health insurance option to eligible employees. Mr. Doty moved to affirm offering the Health Savings Account / health insurance option to eligible employees as presented on May 2, 2017. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Melanie Becker supplied a draft letter that will be distributed to all eligible employees pertaining to the changes and options for FY18 health insurance for bargaining purposes.
Mr. Doty said that for this first year when eligible employees sign up for the high deductible plan with a health savings account the town will contribute into the HAS to encourage employees to use this option. Mr. Doty said that eventually we may make the contribution twice a year but to start with we may pay the full town share July 1, 2017. Ms. Becker said the town’s portion is half of employee’s deductible. Family plan is $2,000.00 and individual is $1,000.00.

Mr. Doty moved to pay the whole contribution at the start of July for the first year an employee is participating in the high deductible HAS plans. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Mr. Carroll asked for Selectmen to act on the Insurance plan changes proposed by the Cape Cod Municipal Health Group (CCMHG). Mr. Doty moved to approve the plan changes proposed by our bargaining board the CCMHG. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

MIIA Insurance Renewal:
Mr. Carroll said the insurance renewal for MIIA Liability, Property and Workman’s Comp has increased by 2%. Mr. Doty moved to keep our insurance with MIIA and renew our policies.
Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Mr. Carroll said he wanted to point out that the town receives discounts on our insurance bills by employees attending training throughout the year. Mr. Carroll said this past year we only captured 2% of up to 9% discounts. Tim said by having our treasurer prepay we receive a 3% discount.    

Boards & Committee Assignments:
Mr. Malkin said he had a question; we have had three people on the Harbor Advisory Committee (HAC) this year. Scott McDowell had been on it in the past, did not send a request to be reappointed. Now we have three additional people who are looking to be on the HAC. Do we think it’s a good idea to have a committee that large?
Boards & Committee Assignments Continued
Mr. Carroll said in the past we have had 3 to 9 members. Mr. Malkin recommended having Mr. Poole be the chairman of the HAC if we appoint all 7 people interested in being on the HAC.

Mr. Carroll said he recommends increasing this committee to 9. Mr. Carroll said this committee has no authority it is an advisory committee for the Selectmen. Mr. Carroll said it is a user’s committee so including folks from the Fishermen’s Trust and Charter fishermen and commercial fishermen would be a good mix as they are all stakeholders in the harbor. Chairman Rossi said the 7 members on the list tonight could inform the Fishermen’s trust when they will meet. Chairman Rossi recommended re visiting the increase to 9 next year and stick with the 7 we have before us tonight.   
Mr. Carroll supplied the following list of information
The following voters have requested to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen to the listed offices:
Board of Appeals 3 year terms Allison Burger, Chris Murphy, and Russell Maloney
BOA Alternates: 1 year term Todd Christy, Allen Healy

Chilmark Community Center Advisory Committee:  1 year term Linda Thompson
Selectman -----------Bill Rossi, Tim Carroll, Rodney Bunker, Nan Doty
Conservation Commission: 3 year term Pam Goff, Chris Murphy
Con Com Alternate: 1 year term Russell Maloney
Assistant Constable: 3 year term Tim Rich
Council On Aging: 3 year term Ann Deitrich 2 year term Marie Mercer
Harbor Advisory Committee: 1 year term Everett Poole, Andrew Goldman,
Scott McDowell, Stephen Broderick, Wayne Iacono, Edward Andresen, Jeffrey Maida
Historical Commission: 3 year term Jane Slater, Stephen McGhee, Leonard Jason, Jr.
Park & Recreation Committee: 1 year term Andrew Goldman,
Selectman ---------------------Warren Doty & Jim Malkin
Julie Flanders, Tim Carroll, Jane Slater
Human Resource Board: 3 year term Jennie Greene, Donald Leopold
Board of Registrars: 3 Year term Laurisa Rich
Shellfish Advisory Committee: Wayne Iacono, Elizabeth Lewenberg,
Matt Mayhew, Denny M Jason, Warren Doty  
MV Shellfish Group Board: 1 year term Denny M Jason
Housing Committee:  1 year term Andrew Goldman, William Randol, Selectmen Bill Rossi
Community Preservation Committee: 1 year term Stephen Lewenberg to replace Tim Carroll as an at large member, Selectmen Bill Rossi Alternate Allen Healy
Beach Committee: 1 year term Clarissa Allen, Margaret Maida, Wayne Iacono, Anne Cook and
Jenifer Wlodyka
MVTV Board of Directors: 1 year term Geoffrey Parkhurst (not currently a voter)
Veteran’s Graves Officer 1 year term Stan Mercer
SELECTMEN’s Assignments
Site Review Committee 1 year term Bill Rossi
Tri Town Ambulance Comm. 1 year term Warren Doty
Land Bank Advisory Comm. 1 year term Jim Malkin
County Advisory Board 1 year term Bill Rossi
SELECTMEN’s Assignments Continued…
Liaison to HRB Jim Malkin
Liaison to Harbor Advisory Committee Jim Malkin
Liaison to Shellfish Advisory Committee Warren Doty actually on the board now
Cable TV Advisory Committee – Alternate only when in contract negotiations
Mr. Carroll said the positions we will follow up on are Allen Healy CPC and Jeffry Parkhurst not local resident voter but offered to still serve Chilmark. Chairman Rossi said if we cannot find another resident to fill that position we accept his offer.

Mr. Malkin moved to approve the Committee & Board appointments as discussed tonight. Mr. Doty seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Special Town Meeting:
Mr. Carroll said this is the information submitted by the Town Clerk for posting and voter registration deadlines. The tentative date for a Special Town Meeting is September 25, 2017. Mr. Carroll said the deadline for warrant articles would be August 11, 2017 at noon. Selectmen took this information under advisement taking no action at this time.

 CPC Contract with West Tisbury School:
Mr. Carroll said this was an Annual Town Meeting warrant item needing the Chairman of the Selectmen to sign. Mr. Doty said this is for the basketball court improvements to the West Tisbury School. Mr. Malkin moved to authorize the Chairman (Rossi) to sign the contract. Mr. Doty seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Park & Rec - Armstrong shack:
Chairman Rossi said we don’t have updated paperwork from our legal counsel yet this item will be tabled to the next Selectmen’s meeting.  

At 6:44 PM with no further items for discussion Mr. Malkin moved to adjourn. Mr. Doty seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase                        Approved 6/20/17

Meeting documents list:
  • Draft minutes from Selectmen’s May 16, 2017 meeting
  • Letter from MVFPT
  • Letter from Steve Broderick
  • Preschool repairs recommendation and cost
  • Beach staff appointments recommendation from Beach Committee
  • Police  staff appointments recommendation from Police Chief
  • Police uniforms
  • TMVFF summer film events requests
  • Photo of truck TMVFF used at Menemsha movie night
  • MIIA insurance renewal for town of Chilmark
  • State Ethics recommendation for rule of necessity
  • CCMHG cost savings analysis for 2018 high deductible health insurance plans  
  • Harbormaster recommendation for staff appointments
  • Official notice to: Public Employee Committee (PEC)
  • Official notice : Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC)
  • CCMHG Proposed changes to health insurance plans
  • Health insurance HAS plan outline
  • CCMHG health plan comparison chart
  • Committee & Board member appointment list
  • Town Clerk dates & deadlines if STM is held Sept 25,2017
  • CPC - West Tisbury School basketball court improvement contract
  • CLC rate update
  • Hurricane Season reminder from MEMA
  • Mr. Carroll’s exam results for procurement official training

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