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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 05/16/17
Chilmark Board of Selectmen      May 16, 2017     Meeting Minutes

Present: Chairman Bill Rossi, Jim Malkin, Warren Doty arrived at 5:08 PM, Tim Carroll,
Steve Broderick, Tim Broderick, Dan Broderick, Rob Hannemann, Liz Gude, Andy Goldman, Chris Fischer, Fire Chief David Norton, Police Chief Jonathan Klarèn, Ambulance Chief Ben Retmier, Jennifer Hanes, Alan Ganapol, Tim Rich, Wayne Iacono, Everett Poole, Diane Smith, John Larsen, Jason Blandini, Ben Davie, Chloe Reichel, George Brennan and Lynn Christoffers.

At 5:00 PM Chairman Rossi called meeting to order in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

Minutes: Chairman Rossi said he would postpone approving the minutes of 5/2/17 since Mr. Malkin was not present at that meeting and Mr. Doty has not yet arrived.
Chairman Rossi recommended moving on to discussion on West Tisbury Selectmen / school formula.

West Tisbury Selectmen - School Formula Request:
Chairman Rossi said the West Tisbury UIRSD Allocation Formula Committee has sent a recommendation. The West Tisbury Selectmen have not sent anything for the Chilmark Selectmen to respond to. Chairman Rossi, Mr. Malkin and Rob Hannemann (Chilmark’s FinCom member assigned to UIRS committee budget process)  recommend drafting a letter to the West Tisbury Selectmen requesting that they send in writing what they recommend and to have this be addressed at a future Selectmen’s meeting once we have some solid material to address.

Oak Bluffs - legislative request for tax base assessments to fund schools:
Mr. Malkin said the proposed article would change the funding from headcount to a unified tax rate based upon assessed property values region wide. Mr. Malkin said that would be like charging folks with the most expensive cars a higher rate for tolls even though they don’t drive on that roadway.
Mr. Doty recommended writing to our legislative representatives stating Chilmark does not share Oak Bluffs’ opinion. Chairman Rossi and Mr. Malkin agreed and directed Mr. Carroll to draft a letter.
AT 5:13 PM Chairman Rossi opened the public hearing for:

Public Hearing - Common Victualer License to Susie Keene for Beetlebung Farm Market:
Chris Fischer presented the market’s plan for this season and next year’s preliminary plan too. Mr. Fisher said in order to help preserve the family farm on Middle Road having an off-site retail store (at 24 Basin Rd) would be beneficial. The plan is to sell produce and dry goods. Next year the plan would be to have some prepared foods as well.  Mr. Doty asked if the Board of Health has been kept up to date with these plans. Mr. Fischer affirmed that they are. Mr. Carroll said the Board of health has approved the first phase of the plan and expect to be notified and part of the next phase IE serving prepared hot coffee, and again before food is served. There was no public comment.
At 5:19 Chairman Rossi moved to close the public hearing. Mr. Malkin seconded this motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Common Victualer License to Susie Keene for Beetlebung Farm Market Continued
Mr. Doty moved to approve a Common Victualer permit to Beetlebung Farm Market for this 2017 season. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Draft minutes from May 2, 2017 were reviewed, corrections were made. Mr. Doty moved to approve minutes as corrected. Chairman Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes, 1 Abstain Mr. Malkin was not present at the 5.02.17 meeting

Park & Recreation Committee Recommendation to Accept Boathouse Donation:
Chairman Rossi said he received a call from town counsel recommending holding off on this item and to table discussion about this till the Selectmen’s June 6, 2017 meeting.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Updates:
Mr. Doty gave an update of the Wind Farms planned for the South Shore of Martha’s Vineyard.
Mr. Doty said he was late tonight because he was in Falmouth to attend a meeting of the Massachusetts task force advising the federal government on the wind farms. There are 3 wind farms (in our waters to the South) leased to big companies. They are all in the process of permitting. Each company is required to prepare an environmental impact statement and a construction operation plan. Mr. Doty gave a brief description of the company’s plans to deliver the power. Mr. Doty did not expect any construction to begin until 2020. Mr. Doty said he will stay focused with the task Force to represent Chilmark. Mr. Doty said each wind turbine will be 500 feet tall (above sea level).  
Vineyard Power President Richard Andre responded in writing to Mr. Doty’s concerns voiced by local lobstermen about the seafloor disturbance during this project. They (wind farm company) responded:
1.) The disturbance to the benthic environment by the laying of the undersea cables associated with the wind farm is localized and temporary. 2.) There is no plan to restrict access to lobster and fixed gear fisheries in the Vineyard Wind lease area.
Menemsha Harbor - Spring Walk Around Report:
Chairman Rossi said we have an “action list” prepared from the information from the walk last Tuesday. There are 45 items to take care of and what department will be responsible. Mr. Doty said there are 4 piles that we would like to replace but we don’t have the money in the budget to do this. Mr. Doty said that John Packer will be in Menemsha June 1, 2017 to install the temporary tie-up dock and if we could find funds it would be the perfect time for him to replace the 4 piles. Mr. Carroll said Harbormaster Jason believes he has approximately $9,000.00 within his 2017 budget. Mr. Malkin will work with Mr. Jason on getting these and possibly more pilings done this June.

Annual Appointments to Boards, Commissions & Committees:
Chairman Rossi tabled these appointments till the June 6, 2017 Selectmen’s Meeting as we are waiting on a few letters requesting appointment.

Annual Staff Appointments:
Mr. Carroll presented the Selectmen with the recommended staff appointments. Mr. Malkin moved to appoint staff members as presented tonight:
Accountant                                                              Ellen Biskis
Administrative Assistant to Accountant  (recently appointed)    Jessica Holtham
Administrative Assistant Housing Committee                      Jessica Holtham
Coordinator of Administrative Support/Web postings              Charles Hodgkinson
Conservation Officer                                                    Charles Hodgkinson
Administrative Assistant to Conservation Commission             Charles Hodgkinson
Administrative Assistant to Zoning Board of Appeals             Charles Hodgkinson
Administrative Assistant to Historical Commission                       Charles Hodgkinson
Administrative Assistant to Park & Recreation Committee         Charles Hodgkinson
Administrative Assistant to Community Preservation Committee    Charles Hodgkinson
Administrative Assistant to Fire Chief                  Martina Mastromonaco
Administrative Assistant Harbor Master                          Virginia Jones  
Assistant Assessor                                                      Pam Bunker
Administrator/Inspector to BOH                                  Marina Lent
Burial Agent                                                            Marina Lent
Perc Test Inspector                                                     Marina Lent
Administrative Assistant to Planning Board                              Jennifer Christy
Administrative Assistant to the Human Resource Board            Jennifer Christy
Town Clerk                                                              Jennifer Christy
Registrar – Chairman                                                  Jennifer Christy
Burial Agent Alternate                                          Jennifer Christy
        Administrative Assistant to Office of Board of Selectmen                Diana DeBlase
Assistant Town Clerk                                                    Diana DeBlase
Collector of Taxes                                                      Jessica Bradlee
Assistant Town Clerk                                                    Jessica Bradlee
Building Inspector/Zoning Officer                                       Leonard Jason, Jr.
Cemetery Superintendent (recently appointed)                    Susan Murphy
Maintenance Supervisor of Town Buildings                                Rodney Bunker
Janitor                                                                 Marjorie Hayes
Animal Control Officer                                          Chris Murphy
Assistant Animal Control Officer        (pending MOU with WT)   Allen Healy
Executive Secretary                                                     Tim Carroll
Director Emergency Management                                   Tim Carroll
Fire Chief                                                              David Norton
Assistant Fire Chief                                                    Tim Carroll
        Harbor Master                                                           Dennis Jason
        Library Director                                                        Ebba Hierta
        Assistant Library Director/Youth Services                               Rizwan Malik    Assistant Librarian                                                      Irene Tewksbury
        Library Assistant                                                       Ellen Bunch
Annual Staff Appointments Continued
            Library Assistant                                                  Barbara Bassett
        Moth Superintendent                                                     Keith Emin
        Superintendent of Streets                                               Keith Emin
        Chief of Police                         (recently appointed)            Jonathan Klaren
        Shellfish Constable/Propagation Officer                         Isaiah Scheffer
        Assistant Shellfish Constable                                           Will Reich

Staff Annual Appointments motion was seconded by Mr. Doty with the condition that they are (this list of staff) appointed to May 2018. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Surveyor of Wood, Lumber & Bark- Failure to Elect:
Selectmen received a memo from Town Clerk stating there is a failure to elect a surveyor of wood, lumber & bark. Mr. Carroll recommended looking to the audience tonight to see if we can fill the position. No action was taken at this time.

Chilmark Preschool Floor Repairs:
Mr. Doty said he inspected the damaged floor area at the Preschool. Mr. Doty said the estimate we have here is for replacing the entire tile flooring surface in the room and he would like to lower this cost with patching just the damaged area. Mr. Doty recommended not acting on this item yet that we will seek a lower cost solution. Chairman Rossi asked Mr. Doty to return with a recommendation at the next Selectmen’s Meeting.
Margaret Maida and Jen Wlodyka arrived at 5:37 PM

 Chilmark Town Affairs Council (TAC)- MOU draft in progress:
Chairman Rossi said we are working on getting an MOU from the TAC. Chairman Rossi is on the Chilmark Community Center Advisory Committee and they have listed the concerns pertaining to the draft MOU prepared by Jeff Herman of the TAC. Chairman Rossi said he expects a lot of back and forth before the MOU is finalized. Chairman Rossi said essentially we are looking for clear understanding between the town and the TAC Summer Program pertaining to liability coverage and responsibilities of the buildings and grounds.

Mr. Malkin asked for an update on the doors and vestibule. Chairman Rossi said the plan is to get the Vestibule / Doors built this fall.

Stephen Broderick - Charter Boat Operation:
Stephen Broderick presented his request to the Selectmen seeking approval to run a fishing party boat business out of Menemsha from a designated dock space beginning in the summer of 2018.The business plan is based on the use of a fully insured, Coast Guard inspected boat which will be manned and captained by a Coast Guard licensed crew. Mr. Broderick plans to run two half day trips daily (8-noon and 1-5). Advertising for fishing trips will recommend the off-site parking (Tabor House Parking Lot) and bus services which the town has provided.

Mr. Malkin expressed his concern about the parking and directed Mr. Broderick to have the charter guests (clients) use the parking at the Tabor House lot.  

Stephen Broderick - Charter Boat Operation Continued
Mr. Doty said he is concerned about the location for this slip. We have a charter boat designation area. We have not had a charter boat on the main commercial dock for over 30 years. Mr. Doty questioned if that is a good idea. Mr. Doty asked why not have this boat at the slip you already have across the way. Mr. Broderick (Stephen) said he would be willing to follow any plan the Selectmen recommend. Mr. Broderick said the area where the Mayhew fishing boat used to be is a spot where he would not be displacing anyone so that was the spot he requested.  Mr. Broderick said the new boat for this plan is a 50 foot boat for 40 passengers. Mr. Broderick said it (the plan and boat size) will be similar to the Skipper operating out of Oak Bluffs harbor.

Chairman Rossi asked for any comments from folks attending the meeting tonight concerning this proposal. John Larsen said it is a commercial fishing dock and that’s how it should stay but there is a commercial dock where the Banjo ties. Mr. Larsen recommended if allowed it should be on a trial basis for a year to assess the impact on Menemsha. Mr. Larsen said he doesn’t support changing the commercial fishing dock space to a charter dock space.

Mr. Malkin said any kind of fishing we can encourage is a good thing for Menemsha Harbor.
Mr. Malkin said that since the Mayhew boats are not in the harbor anymore we have the space there. Mr. Malkin said Mr. Iacono has also written a request for additional space for his operation. Mr. Malkin said he believes this is the jurisdiction of the harbormaster to determine the designation of use in an area (Harbor) and by whom. Mr. Malkin said historically it has been the responsibility of the Harbormaster and sees no reason to change that. Chairman Rossi said this area where there are not slips assigned (Bulkhead waterside area) to the Commercial Dock area just a space gets assigned in that area by the harbormaster. Tim Rich asked if there was any legal precedent was ever set with the Que-tal. Mr. Rich said he knows he (operator of the Que-tal) got involved in a real snag legally with the town. Mr. Broderick gave some historical information about Menemsha harbor in support of this change. Chairman Rossi asked if anyone else had a comment about this proposal. Fire Chief David Norton said the same exact area that Mr. Broderick is seeking was the spot that Rasmass Klimm ran a head boat (for day fishing). Chief Norton said he stopped (Rasmass) because he was getting too old. Chairman Rossi asked if Tim and Dan (Broderick) would be part of this operation. Both Tim and Dan confirmed yes they were part of this project if approved. Tim and Stephen (father & son) both also work Oyster grants in the Menemsha Pond.

Mr. Malkin moved to approve this proposal from Stephen Broderick. Chairman Rossi said that you (Broderick family) have a history of hard work in our community in the fishing industry.  Mr. Doty reiterated his concern that this is a considerable change to the use of that space in the harbor. That though the Strider and Unicorn vessels are not there anymore giving space for this project; the size of the boat concerns him as there would be 30 to 40 passengers two times a day flooding the area.

Chairman Rossi recognized the traffic concern and reminded the Broderick’s that they need to utilize the off-site Tabor House parking facility and assist (pick them up) their customers to the boat for fishing trips as the shuttle is not running to their (the Broderick’s) schedule.  Mr. Doty discussed limiting the scheduled fishing charters to not include sunset time. A morning and an afternoon schedule is the plan (just 2 trips daily, 8:00 AM - Noon and 1: 00 PM - 4:00 PM). Mr. Doty said a contingency is if you are considering an additional evening trip that you must return to the Board of Selectmen to discuss that. Chairman Rossi said we will condition this approval with “no sunset trips” for this approved year (2018). Mr. Doty seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes  

Peter Harrison- Letter contesting action of Harbormaster:
Chairman Rossi said we have a copy of the letter from Mr. Harrison about being moved to an alternate boat slip. Mr. Malkin said as the Selectmen liaison to the Harbor; he read the letter, he took it very seriously, he spoke with the Harbormaster and members of the Harbor Advisory Board. Mr. Malkin said he sees that the boat he purchased (Mr. Harrison) has issues with the slip he has been assigned.  Mr. Malkin said he believes it is the responsibility of the Harbormaster to assign slips and as a Selectman he doesn’t want to be managing the harbor.
Mr. Malkin said the Harbormaster made a decision and I will not overrule that decision.  
Mr. Doty said he is distressed at receiving this letter. Mr. Doty said he isn’t proposing to take action but as Selectmen I should not be receiving a letter like this. A department should work out issues like this. Mr. Malkin said the Harbormaster came to him to discuss this changing of slips. Mr. Malkin said to Mr. Jason you are the Harbormaster who is making decisions to keep our harbor safe and are responsible for assigning the slips. Mr. Malkin referenced a quote you can find framed by the clerk’s office “You can’t enforce amity in the Town of Chilmark.” There are times unfortunately that people just don’t agree. No action was taken.

Youth Leadership Summit - June request:
Mr. Carroll said the organization is asking for permission to visit Lucy Vincent Beach as they did last year. This year it would be June 25th from 10:00 AM to Noon. Mr. Doty moved to accept this request and approve this event again. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes  

Tea Lane Associates - Community Center (CCC) Parking lot use:
Mr. Doty said that Tea Lane Associates is celebrating their 50th anniversary at a dinner out at the Chilmark Tavern June 8th (Thursday 5:30 PM start time) and are requesting permission to utilize parking at the CCC. Mr. Doty moved to accept this request and approve their parking at CCC. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes  

Tri Town Ambulance - letter from EMTS regarding poor facilities:
Tri Town Ambulance Chief Ben Retmier said this is a letter that he and the TTA Committee received from his squad in regards to the facilities that the TTA are currently in. Mr. Doty said this is on tonight’s agenda at my initiative (Mr. Doty is on the TTA Committee). Mr. Doty recognized members of the Tri Town Ambulance staff and asked if they would speak to this. Jennifer Haynes spoke about the facilities. Ms. Haynes said the ambulance department has grown exponentially and we have outgrown our space.
Mr. Doty said an ambulance office today needs space that people are not looking over their shoulder to protect privacy of patients health data. Mr. Doty listed the TTA needs:  
  • They need a small private  office that has a couple of computers in it where the Chief and Administrative Assistant can work together  
  •  A separate room that is used as a day room for the medics and EMT on duty
  • An ambulance barn with 1 or 2 bays
  • An overnight space (bunkroom) for the 24 hour staffing.
Tri Town Ambulance - letter from EMTS regarding poor facilities Continued…
Mr. Doty said he and Chief Retmier have looked recently at some properties and the Town owned property at Peaked Hill Pasture (on Pasture Road off of Tabor house Road). This site is not appropriate for a fire station but could be an ok spot for the Ambulance. Chairman Rossi said this needs to be brought front and center. Chairman Rossi said we are looking at demolishing our existing Fire Station on Menemsha Cross Road and re-building there. Chairman Rossi said probably not able to fit both facilities in that space.

Mr. Malkin asked for the Tri Town Ambulance Committee to work together for the three towns they represent and return to the Selectmen (in each of the three towns) with a suggested plan.
Mr. Doty agreed that was a good next step.   

325th Town Anniversary 2019 - Begin discussion of possible celebration:
Mr. Carroll said there are currently funds available in the Tri-Centennial fund. Mr. Carroll said Town Accountant asked if this should be closed out. Mr. Carroll asked permission to assign these funds as seed monies for the 325th celebration.  Mr. Malkin moved to support this,
Mr. Doty seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Annual Town Meeting Review:  
Selectmen referred to the 2016 Annual Town Report page 248. Mr. Doty said he would like to review the articles that were approved at ATM and make clear who is responsible for completion of the article. Selectmen started discussion:
Article 10  $11,130.00 Chilmark’s share of Adult Community Education program (ACEMV)
Article 12  $6,185.00 to fund Chilmark’s portion of CORE under the supervision of UICOA
Article 13  $10,152.00 to fund Firt Stop operated by MV Community Services
Article 14   $41,532.00 OPEB for UIRSD. Mr. Doty asked if the other UIRSD towns voted in favor of this. Mr. Doty said there is a condition in this warrant that it must have support of the both Aquinnah & West Tisbury from their ATM.  
Article 15 Chairman Rossi said the buyout of compensatory time ($5,670.14) for Police department employee will be taken care of by Treasurer and Accountant.
Article 16  $30,000.00 to purchase & install municipal accounting, tax collection and permit tracking software. Mr. Carroll said the first part of this (accounting software) is being installed in May tested in June and we will transfer over in July. Mr. Carroll said the tax collector has not started this process but we will be updating that software. Mr. Carroll estimated the cost of the accounting software to be around $10,000.00 to $15,000.00. Mr. Carroll said he would support the tax collector in researching and purchasing the newer software for tax collection. Mr. Carroll said he doesn’t expect to have a report (on tax collector software) for the Selectmen on this process till July or August.   
Article 17  $9,000.00 to purchase swim line and various buoys for harbor department. Mr. Malkin said he would follow up on this (Mr. Malkin is Selectmen liaison to harbor department).
Article 18  $200,000 from TTA Ambulance Receipts Reserved for Appropriation to purchase ambulance. Mr. Doty spoke to this saying we joined a cooperative purchasing group to purchase a new ambulance. Tim Carroll asked for Chairman Rossi to sign the purchase agreement with HGAC. Chairman Rossi signed HGAC agreement. Mr. Doty estimated the total cost of purchasing and outfitting the new ambulance purchased through HGAC to be $175,000.00.
ATM review Continued…
Article 19  $5,600.00 to purchase air bottles for fire Department. Mr. Carroll said Fire Chief Norton will see to this.
Article 20  $10,000.00 for updating mobile radios. Mr. Carroll (as assistant fire chief) said he is hoping to delay this as long as possible. Mr. Carroll said because this is part of an island-wide upgrade.
Article 21  Effectuation of Boundary Line change between Aquinnah & Chilmark along the Menemsha & Aquinnah. Chairman Rossi said Aquinnah approved this as well so it’s a done deal (Aquinnah’s Annual Town Meeting was after Chilmark’s). Mr. Carroll said town’s counsel will have final documents for us soon. Wayne Iacono asked if the Selectmen have seen what the man from Oak Bluffs is doing. Mr. Malkin confirmed he has and that the Selectmen will be responding to this. Mr. Malkin referred to a plan/map of the project and confirmed that this is being done in Chilmark waters. Mr. Malkin said we will be notifying the town of Aquinnah that this is not permissible.
Article 22  $4,800.00 Town hall repairs. Mr. Carroll said this will be Rodney’s responsibility and believes he will not be doing these till fall.  
Article 23  $10,000.00 for layout / plans of Town land on Middle Line Road. Mr. Doty said we need to do some outreach to the abutters of this property make sure they are consulted and are brought in as we develop a plan. Mr. Carroll said before we pay a surveyor for $5,000.00 of work we should get the rough draft ideas. Mr. Doty recommended putting this on the Selectmen’s June 6th meeting and invite the abutters to join in the preliminary discussions.
Article 24 $12,000.00 for Library painting project. Mr. Carroll said Rodney will have this done in this fall.    
The CPC Articles (27-30) were skipped / not needing discussion Chuck Hodgkinson will manage
Article 31   Mr. Doty said the already approved MV Refuse district borrowing of $2,500,000.00 (for improvements to facility) from last year came back for re-approval but we are unsure this was approved by all 4 towns of the district. Mr. Doty recommended checking with MVRD to find out their plan.
Article 32 Chairman Rossi said there was unanimous support to refrain from using town funds or resources to enforce federal immigration laws / unless presented with criminal warrant as required by fourth amendment.
Article 33 $3,000.00 for school hazard plan/ training
Article 34 Common Victualer annual permit fee increase from $50 to $100.00

Special Town Meeting Review:
Mr. Malkin said he would like to talk about the Special Town Meeting Bylaw Discussion. Mr. Malkin said the bylaw discussion was derailed by discussion of the Squibnocket causeway which had already been approved by the voters in Chilmark at last year’s Annual Town Meeting. Mr. Malkin said he took issue with the fact that these tactics by opponents of the project cost the town the grant for funding this project and most importantly the use of Squibnocket additional beach for town residents. Mr. Malkin and Mr. Doty spoke of the article in the MV Times singling out Mr. Rossi with a conflict of interest in this project. That story was created (fabricated) with misinformation and did Mr. Rossi a disservice and undue distress. Chairman Rossi thanked Warren and Jim for their support and asked to put this (COI “news”) behind us and move on.

Rat Control- Menemsha:   
Mr. Doty said we have continued to hire a professional to control the rats with poison bait stations in Menemsha. Mr. Malkin asked how that worked last year with the bait stations. Mr. Carroll said he did not receive complaints about rats last year once we started the professional baiting system. Selectmen supported continuing this program in Menemsha.  

Temporary Tie-up Dock update:
Mr. Carroll gave update; we received 3 quotes for the installation. One of the quotes was from John Packer (DBA Tisbury Towing) for $49,000.00 for accomplishing the installation of the dock. These docks are to be delivered on May 23, 2017. Packer will have a crane to swing them from the trucks to the water were Dennis (Harbormaster) will tie them up and at some time in June John (Tisbury Towing) will be up with the barge to drive pilings to complete the installation. Mr. Carroll said we have a gangway on order from Ellis, Maine which may not get here till later. Mr. Carroll said we may end up having the 10 foot platform and the floating dock without connection for a couple of weeks. Mr. Carroll said the idea is they will be in operation for July 4th weekend. Mr. Doty asked how the gangway will be attached and by whom. Mr. Carroll said Mr. Packer would return to complete this job when it arrives or we will deducts the gangway installation from his invoice and have someone else install it.  Mr. Carroll said this part (gangway installation) of the project is an unknown at this time.

Creek Lots - letter to tenants regarding plywood over windows & repairs:
Mr. Doty said on the Menemsha walk around the Jason shack has 2 windows that are just covered with plywood that have been that way for 10 years. Mr. Doty said they (Jason’s) assured him that the windows were ordered were in the building. Mr. Doty said they need to be installed and these requirements to Creek lot shacks need to be pushed for. Mr. Doty said he has not spoken to Carl Flanders but his dock is in real poor shape. Mr. Doty said Steven Larsen has a well detailed plan for repairs on his dock. Mr. Doty said Jonathan Mayhew is completely absorbed in preparations for his son Matt’s wedding so no repairs are expected to the Mayhew shack till after the wedding. Mr. Carroll was directed to work with Mr. Doty to draft and issue letters to all of the Creek lot lease holders who need to make the repairs to their lots and structures.   

Tabor House Road / Shuttle Parking Lot updates:
Mr. Carroll said a change of our plans for the lot is; in his talks with John Keene, Mr. Keene doesn’t recommend raking out the lot and resurfacing it. Mr. Keene recommended leaving the grass and mowing it. Mr. Carroll said after renegotiating the solar lights quotes we got them for $1,800.00 each vs the $5,000.00 beginning quote. With the savings mentioned there were funds to purchase the “nicer” 4” x 8” shelter the Selectmen reviewed at a previous meeting. Mr. Carroll said we purchased a case of paint that will paint the parking spaces twice this summer season. Mr. Carroll said we were within the appropriation till we received a bill from the surveyor that may need to come from the Selectmen maintenance line. Chairman Rossi said we did request the surveying to be completed.

Municipal Vulnerability Grant:
Mr. Carroll said the Martha’s Vineyard Commission recommended the town partake in a conference call with the state to recommend applying for Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Grant (MVP). The MVC thought it would help with future grants with the State for a number of different things. Because we don’t partake in the Flood program we are not eligible for most of the litigation money and other circumstances. Mr. Doty approved applying for the MVP grant. Mr. Malkin seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes  

Mass DOT letter:
Mr. Doty said they (Mass DOT) will keep the plan the same; with them (Mass DOT) responsible for the State Road and that they are hiring 2 new positions for the Island.    

At 6:48 PM with no more items for discussion Mr. Malkin moved to adjourn, Mr. Doty seconded the motion.  SO VOTED: 3 Ayes  

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase.
Document list:
  • 5/2/17 draft Selectmen minutes
  • Public hearing newspaper ad for Common Victualer at 24 Basin Rd
  • Beetlebung Farm Market description of business plan
  • West Tisbury UIRSD Allocation Formula 1/12/17 &  documents
  • John Armstrong gifting shellfish / fishing shack to town memorandum from town counsel
  • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management stakeholder meeting May 16, 2017
  • Vineyard Power response letter - Mass Clean Energy Center concerned lobstermen re: undersea cable for wind farms
  • Brochure for public of (tribe, Aquinnah & Chilmark collaboration) Menemsha harbor-pond use
  • Executive secretary’s employee and voter request for appointment
  • Memo from Town Clerk of Surveyor of Wood, Lumber & Bark failure to elect notice
  • MGL Failure to elect; procedure to fill vacancy; notice
  • Estimate from Karpet Kare for floor repairs at Chilmark School
  • Letter from Steve Broderick requesting to run a fishing party boat out of Menemsha
  • Letter from Peter Harrison regarding re-assignment to a different slip for his boat by the harbormaster
  • Martha’s Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative request to visit Lucy Vincent Beach June 25, 2017 10:00 AM to noon
  • Request from Leslie Pearlson to use the CCC parking lot for use for Tea Lane Associates to celebrate their 50th year in business June 8, 2017
  • Tri Town Ambulance employee letter to TTA Chief & TTA Committee appeal to move forward in a (home) building for the TTA.  
  • 2016 Annual Town Report page 248   
  • Harbor Float Plan from Aquinnah resident showing extending into Chilmark waters.
  • Purchase Order from Solar Electric Power Co for lighting the parking shuttle lot
  • Grant information and examples for Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program (MVP) FY17
  • MVC DRI 673 Mayhew subdivision Decision 
  • MAS DOT meeting for discussion of road maintenance of Chilmark’s State road.
  • Mass DOT Job Opening notice for : Highway Repair Forman
  • Mass DOT Job Opening notice for : Highway Repair Forman III
  • Tax collector’s notice of delinquent tax payers
  • MIIA (insurance) Notice of credits for Property & Casualty in amount of $14,996
  • Mass DMF Notice of Seasonal Closure of Menemsha Harbor to Shellfishing May 1, 2017- October 31, 2017
  • ComCast Financial Balance Sheet
  • Letter from Big Reach Network regarding likelihood of access to statewide communication channel
  • Memo from Town Clerk of Count of Residents by ward & precinct
  • Memo of Open House for Mass DOT Mass Freight Plan May, 24, 2017
  • Sophie Abrams island-wide Organics Feasibility Study May 17, 2017
  • ZBA notice of meeting May 24, 2017

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