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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 11/13/12
Chilmark Board of Selectmen, Harbor Advisory Committee, Park & Recreation   November 13, 2012    Meeting Minutes
Present: Chairman Jonathan Mayhew, Warren Doty, Bill Rossi, Tim Carroll, Andy Goldman, Scott McDowell, Everett Poole, Jeff Maida, John Armstrong, Seth Karlinsky, Dennis Jason, Marshall Carroll, Brian Cioffi, Joan Malkin, Jim Malkin, David Norton, William Fielder, Jonathan Klaren, Steve Broderick,

At 7:00 pm Chairman Mayhew called meeting to order in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

Harbor Revenues:
Selectmen Doty asked Dennis Jason his input for this past season’s revenues. Harbormaster Jason said it was a bit lower than last year. Mr. Doty said by looking at the accountant’s budget sheet it appears that there is a slight increase of approximately 14,000.00.

Chairman Mayhew recommended allowing reservations for June and September for docking and moorings to increase revenues in the shoulder seasons. Harbormaster Jason said he would not recommend this but would carryout the Selectmen’s decision.

Mr. Jason said that the fee per foot was increased from $2.50 to $2.75 this passed season and it did not raise any questions or deter boaters. Mr. Doty said that $2.75 seems like a reasonable fee and recommended not changing it at this time.

Harbormaster Jason said that he would like to reduce the fees to the slip holders on the Channel Dock. The fees are $1,500.00 he recommended cutting that cost in half. Selectmen Rossi asked if the slip holders had complained. The answer was no. Selectmen Rossi said that they were looking to find ways of increasing revenues and if their have been no complaints then he recommended no change.

Harbormaster Jason recommended a decreased to $1,000.00 because the inside slips which have better protection are still $300.00. Tim Carroll said that the slip and mooring bills had already been sent out. Harbormaster Jason confirmed this and said that there would have to be refunds for the Channel Dock slip holders.

Police Chief Cioffi reported that there were 3 boating incidents this summer and two of them were at his slip on the West Channel Dock.

Harbormaster Jason said he would like to implement a Courtesy Dock to allow someone who maybe feeling a little seasick to get their bearings. Marshall Carroll said that there could be a temporary docking but to charge for it and for the first hour charge $10.00.

Selectmen Doty asked that Harbormaster Jason prepare a written policy for the courtesy slip as well as lunch and dinner boats. Dennis Jason said the Harbor department would prepare a written policy to return to the Selectmen to review.

Harbor Staffing:
Selectmen Doty said he was stunned when he heard about the shipment of marijuana ordered and shipped to the Chilmark Harbor shack on August 21, 2012. Mr. Doty asked the Harbormaster to explain how this could have happened.

Harbormaster Jason said that the staff was interviewed and references checked for all three of the assistant Wharfinger with positive recommendations.

Everett Poole said that through the years hiring staff he has experience marijuana problems plenty down in Menemsha. He further said Mr. Jason cannot be held responsible for a bad decision made by an employee.  

Selectmen Doty asked for an explanation of the money stolen from the Harbor this past summer. Harbormaster Jason said he was at the harbor every morning at 6:30 am and would leave around 11:30 am to go home for a sandwich or swing through the office at town hall, returning to work averaging 80 hours a week during the summer.
Mr. Doty said it was a lack of supervision during the lunch hour that created an opportunity for the thieving. Mr. Jason said that the Assistant Harbormaster told him he was concerned that cash was going missing. At that time Harbormaster Jason said he confronted the Assistant Wharfingers and asked outright if they were stealing. Harbormaster Jason was told by each Wharfinger that no stealing was going on. That was about a week prior to the marijuana delivery and arrest of an Assistant Wharfinger.

Police Chief Cioffi said that during the investigation it became evident that close to $1,000.00 cash was stolen. Chief Cioffi said the Town of Chilmark has received this amount back from the individuals in cash form as well as retaining thieves’ paychecks.

Selectmen Doty said that the Chilmark policy is no tips are accepted period. During discussion of this topic it was recommended that the boaters receive a notice with rules and regulations that there are no tips allowed.

Marshall Carroll recommended that the sign at the Harbormaster Shack be updated to reflect more information. The sign now reads 7:00 am -8:00 pm 365 days. Maybe something that states the rates with an in / out sign on a chalk board beside it to say “ran to Quitsa back by 3:15pm” as an example.

Staffing for the coming season will still need to be worked on and schedule worked out prior to this 2013 season. The consensus was for a more mature staff for the coming season.

Harbor Maintenance:
Posting a maintenance schedule with a check list and assignment board was suggested to implement this coming season.
The spring walkthrough that the Selectmen do of the harbor and list of items to address prior to the season was discussed. Selectmen Doty said that there were still items that remained

Maintenance Continued…
unfinished. The steps to the bulkhead still had some issues the electric pedestals. Also loose planks from the most recent storm needed shoring up.  

Harbormaster Jason said he has called Powers Electric many times and has not had the problem solved yet. The Phase III harbor project is to begin soon and some of these issues will be part of that. Mr. Doty said he would like to see the other things that are not included in the Phase III project get worked on.

Selectmen Doty said that the Selectmen’s office had recently awarded the Phase III projects to the following companies: Atlantic Support Installations with a bid of $258,000.00 to demolish and  rebuild transient yacht and fuel dock and install the floating docks. Bellingham Marine with a bid of $119,994.00 for the floating docks with wood decking, and Fall River Electric with a bid of
$68,880.00 for the utilities.

Tim Carroll said that the Tri Town Ambulance Chief has asked that the Town designate parking for emergency vehicles. Marshall Carroll said that they have a procedure at the Menemsha Texaco to move the picnic tables for Ambulance access to the docks. One bay to the gas station is usually reserved for emergency vehicles. Marshall Carroll said that the loading zone beside the Menemsha Texaco is big and could accommodate a parking space for emergency vehicles.

Chief Cioffi said he does not see a reason to assign a specific parking for emergency vehicles. As for the EMT vehicles responding to an emergency it is always a pile of cars that respond and there really isn’t a way to accommodate they just will park where they have to.     

Seth Karlinsky recommended a parking sign be placed at the basin road intersection with an arrow pointing to the right.

Chairman Mayhew spoke of his frustration with tour vans driving out to the West Dock causing congestion. As it is now they are not allowed out to the West Dock but the signage is so that it’s too late by the time they can see it. Chairman Mayhew recommended moving the sign to the Basin Road next to the parking sign.

John Armstrong asked if vehicles parked more than a week in the basin area be ticketed or removed. Selectmen Doty asked that the Park and Recreation address this topic at a future meeting.

Fire Chief David Norton asked that two firefighters get trained by the Harbormaster on operating the harbor boat in case of an emergency. Harbormaster Jason said he had no problem with that.

Marshall Carroll said that employees at the fuel dock are trained to ask if the boat handler coming to fuel the boat at the dock is familiar with fueling this boat. The employee asks 3 times prior to turning the pump on.
Selectmen Doty asked if there were problems this year with peddlers. Chairman Mayhew said that there is a painter who sells his work out of his car as he is painting. Chief Cioffi said that they ask folks to move along and reported no real problems or complaints this season.
Mr. Doty said Selectmen intend to keep Menemsha peddler free.

Police Report -Incidents in Menemsha:
Chief Cioffi spoke of the Wharfinger Marijuana arrest. There was some gear missing from the West Dock this spring. Chief Cioffi said some people where trespassing on boats in slips to fish from them, and a shoplifting that was prosecuted. Chief Cioffi reported 361 parking tickets issued, but no complaints of parties or fights on the docks as they have had in previous years.

Dennis Jason said there is still a problem of waste oil being abandoned in Menemsha.
Seth Karlinsky reported that the signage has reduced the incidents, but recommended increasing the size and official appearance of sign. Selectmen Doty said to purchase appropriate signs.

Scott McDowell said there was a lot of fuel floating atop the water behind the Galley. Chairman Mayhew said he was not aware of this problem and recommended getting together with Aquinnah and installing a large culvert with one way valve to collect and redirect any fuel hazard or debris.

John Armstrong said there are new worrisome cracks in the bridge. Tim Carroll said that Kent Healy will be contacted to look at this.

Selectmen Doty said that Isaiah Scheffer is present concerning changes recommended to the Mussel rules. The proposed change is: adding Saturday and Sunday to the fishing days at ten fish totes per day to harvest mussel seed. A commercial license is required. Selectmen Doty moved to approve pending Shellfish Advisory Committee approval of adding Saturday and Sunday to the fishing days at ten fish totes per day to harvest mussel seed. Mr. Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Shellfish Constable Scheffer asked that there be Channel Markers in Chocker’s Creek during the summer to save eel grass on the flats.
Shellfish Constable Scheffer and Harbormaster Jason will work together on this proposal and bring this back to Selectmen for approval.

Chairman Mayhew moved to adjourn. Mr. Rossi seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes
9:30 pm meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase.                Approved 12/18/12


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