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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 10/16/12
Chilmark Board of Selectmen    October 16, 2012    Meeting Minutes

Present: Chairman Mayhew, Warren Doty, Bill Rossi, Tim Carroll, Jonathan Revere,
Isaiah Scheffer, Katherine Carroll, Cathy Thompson, Andrew Fischer, Seth Pickering,
Janet Weidner, Remy Tumin, Richard Osnoss, Jan Buhrman, Constance Messmer,
Thomas Bena.

At 7:30 pm Chairman Mayhew called meeting to order in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

Draft minutes from the October 2, 2012, meeting were reviewed. Corrections were made.
Mr. Doty moved to approve minutes as corrected. Chairman Mayhew seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes 1 abstain Mr. Rossi

Green Communities Presentation:
Seth Pickering Green Community Coordinator, Southeast Region Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources was present to give the GC presentation. Mr. Pickering gave a web address for people to look up information in applying for the Green Communities Grant. It is as follows:

Mr. Pickering explained that a city or town must meet these five criteria to be designated a Green Community
1.) Provide as-of-right sitting in designated locations for renewable/alternative energy generation, research & development, or manufacturing facilities.

2.) Adopt an expedited application and permit process for as-of-right energy facilities.

3.) Establish an energy use baseline and develop a plan to reduce energy use by twenty percent (20%) within five (5) years.
4.) Purchase only fuel-efficient vehicles.

5.) Set requirements to minimize life-cycle energy costs for new construction; one way to meet these requirements is to adopt the new Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) Stretch Code.

Mr. Pickering said that the first step that the town should take is to create a zoning bylaw that includes the criteria above.
Mr. Pickering said that the town can choose to do solar only the town must zone for 250 kwts total. Mr. Pickering also stated that the town must adopt the Zoning at Town Meeting with a 2/3 passing vote.
Mr. Pickering said he is happy to help the town develop out application. The Selectmen thanked Mr. Pickering for his presentation.

Board of Health:
The Chilmark Board of Health is present tonight requesting Selectmen to elect a person to fulfill the position left vacant by Mike Renahan’s passing. Katie Carroll and Jan Buhrman expressed gratitude to the persons who have come tonight and also others who have sent letters of interest to fill this position. The Board of Health asked that the Selectmen elect Matt Poole to fill Mr. Renahan’s position on the Board of Health.

Mrs. Carroll asked that the parties interested in this position take out election papers and move forward to the town elections this coming spring.

Mr. Rossi said that Mike Renahan had asked that Matt Poole fill his position till the spring election, Mr. Poole is very qualified and willing to take on the position. Chairman Mayhew opened nominations.  Mr. Rossi nominated Matt Poole to the Board of Health. Nominations closed.  Roll Call Vote: Mr. Rossi Aye, Mr. Doty Aye, Mr. Mayhew Aye, Mrs. Carroll Aye, Mrs. Buhrman Aye.
Selectmen and Board of Health unanimously voted in favor of Matt Poole for position on the Board of Health.

Shellfish Department:
Shellfish Constable Isaiah Scheffer requested that the Selectmen approve the recommendations from the Shellfish Advisory Committee pertaining to this seasons scallop shell fishing dates.
Mr. Doty moved to approve the SAC recommendations. Mr. Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Selectmen Mayhew asked when 16 – 18 year olds are to shellfish as the regulations don’t have weekends included for them. Mr. Carroll said that the old regulations allowed for Saturday fishing. Mr. Scheffer said not in regulations anymore. Children 16- 18 can fish after school till 4:00 pm.

Approved Scallop Season recommendations:
Nashaquitsa Pond commercial season opens October 29, 2012.
Menemsha Pond commercial season opens November 19, 2012
Commercial Fishing Days are Monday through Friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Commercial Limit is two heaping bushels per day.
Check in at Menemsha Harbor or Quitsa Bridge no later than 4:10 pm
Family/ Recreational Season starts October 1, 2012, limit ½ bushel per week.

Mr. Doty moved to approve Schedule for oyster season. Mr. Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes
Family/ Recreational Oyster season opens October 29, 2012 in Tisbury Great Pond.
Family limit is ½ bushel per week.

Shellfish Continued…
Mr. Doty asked if the Shellfish Constable supported opening for Thanksgiving and Christmas so families can shellfish for their families. Mr. Scheffer said that he does not support this. Mr. Scheffer said West Tisbury will be open during these holidays.

Mr. Doty asked if Mr. Scheffer had an update on the cormorant deprivation permit. Mr. Scheffer said he has not heard yet and that he will call to find out. Mr. Scheffer said he would report back to the Selectmen.

Housing Needs Study:
Mr. Carroll said that the Commission asked that the Selectmen sign a memorandum of understanding for the housing needs study. Mr. Doty moved to approve chairman Mayhew signing the memorandum of understanding for the housing needs study. Mr. Rossi seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Dukes County Community Innovation Challenge:
Mr. Doty asked that the County come to the Board of Selectmen and present their plan for this grant.

Mr. Carroll said that the elevator in the town hall was installed as”a limited uses limited access lift” that would be inspected every five years. Mr. Carroll said this lift was used 4 times this past year. The State now says that the lift must be inspected every year with a cost of $1,200.00 a year.  

Mr. Doty moved to have executive secretary write a letter to the State requesting exemption of yearly inspections to every five years for the towns lifts. Mr. Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Phase III Harbor Update:
Mr. Carroll said he is waiting for the electrical engineering section to send out RFP to the interested companies.
There will be a pre bid meeting at 11:00am Monday October 22, 2012. In water work is to be completed by January 15, 2012. Docks completed by February 15, 2012 and Phase III completed by April15, 2012.
Chairman Mayhew asked if the USCG Boathouse plans reflect the lowering of the boathouse by 3’11”. Mr. Carroll said that he has a call into Francis Britto to find out.

Noise Petition Update:
Mr. Carroll said that he will follow up with the Nixon’s to schedule a meeting for discussion about noise problem. Mr. Carroll said probably in November. Selectmen will attend the meeting when a date is scheduled.

Harbor Department:
Mr. Doty said that the Harbor department has asked that the Selectmen approve assigning slips.
Chilmark policy is no household can hold more than one slip. Mr. Doty said that there are two families that the father has a slip and the son of the slip holders name is up on the waiting slip. Mr. Doty said if the father is willing to give up their slip it will be awarded to the child.

Mr. Rossi asked that the applicant send proof of land ownership. Mr. Doty moved to have the Harbor move forward with these slip assignments following the proof of ownership.  
SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Mr. Doty recommended holding an open Selectmen’s meeting November 13, 2012 at 7:30 pm to evaluate 2012 harbor operations.

Mr. Mayhew moved to reschedule future Selectmen’s meetings to start at 7:00pm this will start December 4, 2012. Mr. Rossi seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes   

Mr. Doty moved to not return to regular session and to move into Executive Session to discuss land acquisition.  

At 9:14 pm Mr. Rossi: Aye, Mr. Doty: Aye, Chairman Mayhew: Aye.
Present Tim Carroll, Mr. Rossi, Mr. Doty, Mr. Mayhew Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase             Approved 10/30/12

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