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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 10/02/12
Chilmark Board of Selectmen    October 2, 2012    Meeting Minutes

Present: Chairman Jonathan Mayhew, Warren Doty, Bill Rossi absent, Tim Carroll,
Jonathan Revere, Steve Warner, Richard Knabel, Geoffrey Parkhurst, Christina Flynn,
Anne Lemenager, Dennis Barquinaro, Remy Tumin,

At 7:35 pm Chairman Mayhew called meeting to order in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

Chairman Mayhew began the meeting with the announcement that Michael Renahan had passed away and asked that we begin tonight’s meeting with a moment of silence in his honor.

Chairman Mayhew said that Mike Renahan was a good man for the Town of Chilmark. Mr. Doty said that Mike worked very hard as the clerk of the works for this building (Chilmark Town Hall) and he did a great job.

Draft minutes from the Selectmen’s September 18, 2012 meeting were reviewed. An amendment was made. Mr. Doty moved to approve minutes as amended. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes

Public Hearing Community Development Strategy:
Christine Flynn of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission presented the Selectmen with the draft Community Development Strategy for Chilmark. Ms. Flynn said that this is an integral part to the Block Grants.

After reviewing the draft, Chairman Mayhew asked that the resident figure be changed to 1183 instead of 866. Ms. Flynn said she would change the figure to reflect the correct Chilmark resident number after she confirms with the Chilmark Town Clerk.

The Block Grants have supported rehabilitating more than 30 homes in Chilmark. There is also a child care benefits available through this program as well. Mr. Doty said he would like to make sure that the residents at the Middle Line Road Housing Development be aware of the Child Care benefits.

Ms. Flynn said that the program supplies information through the local libraries as well as the town hall. Ms. Flynn said that Melissa Vincent of TRI will be organizing information sessions for the public through the Library and Town Hall.

Chairman Mayhew asked if there were any more comments or concerns from the public. There were none so Chairman Mayhew moved to close the hearing. Mr. Doty seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes

Mr. Doty moved to approve this draft Community Development Strategy with amendment. Chairman Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 2 Ayes

Presidential / State Election Warrant:
Town Clerk Jennifer Christy sent a warrant for the November 6, Elections for the Selectmen to sign. Mr. Doty moved to approve and sign this warrant. Chairman Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 2 Ayes  

Director Geoffrey Parkhurst Chilmark’s appointee to MVTV presented a verbal report addressed to the Selectmen. Also present from MVTV are; Ann Lemenager, Steve Warner, and Richard Knabel.

Mr. Parkhurst said MVTV has been established since 2002. The Board of directors has been actively seeking a new location since they were notified that their lease would expire in 2013 and they would not have an option to renew. Land has been purchased as a site for the new building that they will be building soon.

Mr. Warner said the new MVTV building is approximately 4,000 square foot at a cost of $800,000.00. MVTV has borrowed $700,000.00 with a 4 .25 rate. Mr. Doty said from the many building projects he has been involved with that a contingency is very important. Mr. Doty asked if there was a spread sheet for these finances.

Mrs. Lemenager said that there is but they did not bring them tonight but that the board would be happy to have Selectmen review any of the spread sheets. Mrs. Lemenager also extended an invitation to come and see the new site located between the funeral home and Church heading towards Edgartown on the right after the MVRHS.

Mr. Knabel said that he is working with the architect as the clerk of the works on this project.
Mr. Doty and chairman Mayhew thanked the representatives for coming tonight.

Mr. Carroll said that the Selectmen’s Office received a noise complaint petition from residents in Menemsha. Mr. Barquinaro is present tonight to help in anyway he can as manager of the Beach Plum Inn and Menemsha Inn. The Nixon’s were unable to attend tonight. Mr. Barquinaro said that the Beach Plum Inn is the venue that they use for functions with music, and they shut music off by 9:45 pm and do not have events in July or August.

Mr. Carroll suggested reconvening a meeting between Menemsha Inn & Beach Plum Inn, Flanders Inn, police and neighbors to discuss ways to improve the situation. Mr. Doty said he would be able to attend a future meeting.

Goldberg Film:
Mr. Carroll said that the Selectmen’s Office received a request from Andy Goldberg to film a video in Chilmark. Mr. Goldberg said there would be 9 people total traveling around to various locations in a 15 passenger van and a pickup truck. We arrive the evening of Oct 6th, would like to shoot in and around Chilmark on Oct 7th from 8am-6pm.

Mr. Doty moved to approve the filming with no amplified music allowed. Chairman Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 2 Ayes

Mr. Carroll said that there are vacancies on the Human recourse Board, and the Board of Health.
Mr. Doty moved to declare vacancies on both boards. Chairman Mayhew seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes

Mr. Carroll said that the Tri Town Ambulance, Police Department and Cemetery Superintendant and the above mentioned positions are ready to advertise with the Selectmen’s approval. Mr. Doty moved to approve posting and advertizing for all mentioned positions. Chairman Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 2 Ayes
Selectmen’s Meeting Date:
Mr. Doty moved to change the November 6, 2012 Chilmark Board of Selectmen meeting to October 30, 2012 because Election Day is November 6th. Chairman Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 2 Ayes

Dog Officer:
Mr. Carroll said that the State has changed the name of Dog Officer to Animal Control Officer and that Mr. Murphy is aware of this. Mr. Doty asked that Mr. Murphy be invited to the October 16, 2012 meeting to discuss these changes.

Mr. Doty said that scallop season for resident family permits opened October 1, 2012. The Shellfish Advisory Committee will meet October 10, 2012 to discuss the dates and issues pertaining to Commercial Scallop Season.
The Selectmen should have the notes from the SAC for the October 16, 2012 meeting.  

Mr. Doty asked if the Shellfish Constable had received the Cormorant Deprivation Permit yet. Chairman Mayhew said that the cormorants were hitting the young flounder really hard. Mr. Doty asked that the Selectmen’s office get an update from Mr. Scheffer.

Middle Line Road:
Mr. Doty reported about the MLR Rental Units - First Annual Inspection / Warranty review.
Mr. Doty, Mr. Fenner, Mr. La Russo, Mr. Hodgkinson, Mr. Vigneault, and Mr. O’Brian met and walked through the rental units and created a list of items to fix.  The tenants are happy with the units. Mr. Hodgkinson will bring list of items to be fixed to Seaver Construction prior to the warranty expiration.

Flu Clinic:
Mr. Carroll said that one of Mr. Renahan’s final efforts was to have a local Chilmark flu clinic at the Chilmark Community Center October 19, 2012 from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm.

Mr. Doty moved to adjourn meeting. Chairman Mayhew seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes

At 8:38 pm meeting adjourned.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase                                         Approved 10/16/12

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