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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Housing Committee Minutes 07/13/17
Chilmark Housing Committee
Thursday, July 13, 2017 9:00am
Chilmark Town Hall, 401 Middle Road, Chilmark, MA
Conference Room #1

Committee Members Present:  Jim Feiner (chair), Jessica Roddy, Ann Wallace, Bill Rossi, Andrew Goldman,
Others Present:  Jessie Holtham (admin)
Committee Members Absent: Roland Kluver, William Randol, Michelle Leonardi

A quorum of the Housing Committee was met at 9:00 a.m. and the meeting was called to order by the chairman.

Discussion: Recent mailing capturing the widest audience possible.  Posters to capture those that mailing could not. West Tisbury to consider a similar platform for advertising.

First Accessory Apartment to be constructed since the creation of the Accessory Appartment By-law 2 years ago.  Discussed awareness of the by-law by Townspeople and ways to increase awareness through newspapers and town meeting announcements.

Cape Cod affordable building contest:  an event which may produce helpful building designs.

Cape Light Compact Solar Grant update:  Will apply for Middle Line Road units wherever possible.

Middle Line Road financial discussion:  Walter Smith Plumbing January 2017 repairs/expenses

New building discussion:  Next Town project requires a strict property manager & developer where the Town only owns the land.  

Selectman Rossi discussed Peaked Hill development at recent Selectmen’s meeting.  Selectmen endorse this site for use as affordable housing development.  Next step:  acquire approval for engineering to mark lot lines and prep for brush-cutting.  Molly Flender Municipal Housing Trust meets Fall 2017 and could authorize engineering expenses.

Peaked Hill Road Association meeting 7/6/2017.  In attendance was Selectman Rossi.  No major concerns to report and no objections to an affordable housing project proposal.  Comments from Peaked Hill Road Association members included road access (possibly relocating sections) and concerns of high density.  Peaked Hill residents have experienced problems with underground electrical lines and will require and upgrade soon.  It was expressed that the Town should participate in the upgrades if a housing development is in the works.

A building project at Peaked Hill will likely require a special permit from the ZBA for construction on parcels under 3 acres.  It was suggested to all upon Adam Turner at MVC for out-of-the-box ideas.

Discussion:  time-line of special and annual town meetings.  Preparing plans for April meeting with hearings prior-to, allowing time for public opinion & comment period.  Suggested 2 or 3 proposals to present to townspeople.  9 buildable acres of 20 acres total. Step 1:  identify buildable vs. non-buildable land.  Propose an buildable area with a no-cut-zone green-belt surrounding.  

Discussion:  Construction costs and capping costs.  MLR spending vs. Morgan Woods.  Grants and available funding (ex. Teacher housing) and possibly tailoring building to a funding program.

Discussion:  Current rental opening at MLR recently advertised by DCRHA.  

Discussion:  getting started with a Multi-family by-law proposal

Ann Wallace will contact Edgartown housing committee to collect information from the Morgan Woods housing project.
Andrew Goldman stated he will be stepping down from the Community Preservation Committee and requests a new member be appointed.

Announcement: Middle Line Road Association meeting Saturday 6/22/17, 5:30pm.
Meeting adjourned 10:10am.

Respectfully Submitted, Jessie A. Holtham.

Below comments from Ann Wallace email 7/19/2017.
Memo: Morgan Woods
After speaking with the manager at Morgan Woods;
There are 60 apartments - built and managed by TCB (The Community Builders)
24 apartments are rented at market rate (approx. rents: 3 bedroom $2025, 2 bedroom $1780, 1 bedroom $1350)
36 apartments are tax credit based: 7 are section 8 subsidies, 29 are split between 140% and 60% AMI
Currently approx. 160 on wait list for 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms (Waitlist to be updated in the upcoming months).  There is no breakout on the wait list by AMI (which I can explain at our meeting).  They have gone 16 months without a vacancy.
Generally 5 years before a person on the wait list is offered an apartment.
Other comments from the manager:
A 9-12 unit project would probably not be very attractive to a developer like TCB, who did Morgan Woods. However, TCB is considering the Edgartown project at Meshacket (28-32 rental and 3 duplexes- ownership). Apparently, the only reason they would consider Meshacket is because they already have a project on MV.
Best, Ann

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