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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Housing Committee Minutes 07/21/14
C H I L M A R K   H O U S I N G   C O M M I T T E E
Monday, July 21, 2014
Chilmark Town Hall,

Present:  Andrew Goldman, Ann Wallace, Jessica Roddy, Bill Rossi, Michele Leonardi, Jim Feiner, Roland Kluver

Staff:  Jennifer Christy, Tim Carroll

The meeting was called to order at 3:04PM

Nab’s Corner Development & Applicant Timeline
  • Tim presented an update of the progress in development of the Nabs Corner project. An advertisement for bids for installation of wells has been submitted to the papers. Other utility bid preparation is in process. The ground lease document was reviewed by Jessica, Jim & Tim earlier in the week.  Tim noted the Board of Selectmen did not vote, at their most recent meeting, to substantially alter the ground lease for Nab’s Corner, the same document that is in effect for Middle Line Road homesites. Tim will be meeting with counsel in the next week to make minor changes to the ground lease. Tim noted he would have a number of policy documents for the committee to review by the next meeting for discussion and decision. Tim also noted that the Board of Selectmen recommended that no alterations be made to the building envelopes.
Nab’s Corner Applicant Procedure/DCRHA schedule
  • Tim presented the draft timeline of the Nab’s Corner applicant procedure. It was noted that the process of advertisement should begin on August 26. It was noted that all legal documents need to be ready by the first date of the advertisement.
  • Ground Lease
  • Road & Utility Easements
  • Bylaws, Road Assoc. & Homeowner Assoc.
  • Legal opinion for preferences
  • Implementation Guidelines
  • Discussion occurred regarding the need for a homeowner’s association document. Andy suggested that a homeowner’s association document be eliminated from the list of documents needed. It was agreed to eliminate the homeowner assoc. document from the list of documents needing to be created.
  • Tim presented the timeline elements through fall 2014. Jim noted there is no need for separate deadlines for application and mortgage pre-approval letters. Discussion occurred regarding the selection process once the applicants have submitted their applications and the Board of Selectmen have reviewed and approved the list. Tim stated he and a member of the Selectmen have scheduled a meeting with the Hillman Family to discuss the selection process. Andy noted the Hillman Family have the right to select but not the right to reject.
  • The committee advocated for the following process:
  • a lottery is held with all eligible applicants
  • the list of the top four (4) names is sent to the Hillman Family.
  • if the Hillman Family rejects one or more of the names then they are provided with the next name for consideration.
  • Bill inquired when an advertisement for applicants would be submitted to the newspapers. It was stated the advertisement would be published the week of August 25th.Tim noted that a sign could be placed at the construction site entrance with contact information for applicants. Tim plans to arrange this.
  • Tim noted that he would have the lease, the road association bylaws and the policy questions for the committee to review at the August 4, 2014 meeting.
  • Tim gave an update on the expenditures/budget for the project. Tim inquired whether the committee had a recommendation on the price for each lot. It was noted a sliding scale was recommended at the last Housing Meeting. Andy noted the MLR cost was $20,000/lot and the costs for construction were far more expensive. He recommended a small increase and suggested $25,000 per lot. Tim advocated for $25,000/lot since the $120,000 town expenditure for development would then be mostly recovered. Roland made a motion to recommend $25,000/lot and the motion was seconded by Jessica. The motion came to a vote and it was voted all ayes.
  • Tim asked if there is an existing road association on Ridge Hill Road. It was not known. Tim suggested a letter be sent to the abutters regarding a road association. The committee agreed that a letter be sent to the abutters re the road association. Tim noted a letter would also be drafted to send to bankers to invite them to the September applicant workshop and to alert them to the possible influx of people requesting pre-approvals for Nab’s Corner. Jennifer agreed to help Tim with the letters to abutters and banks.
  • Tim asked Jim if he could authorize town counsel to complete review of the ground lease and the road association bylaws. Jim stated yes.
  • Tim noted volunteers would be needed to read through applications and calculate preferences once all have been submitted. Ann and Michele volunteered to read through applications prior to the deadline for submission of applications (October 14 and after.) Michele and Ann would need to coordinate in order to periodically come in to review submitted applications up to the deadline. Once the deadline is passed, Michele and Ann would continue to review the applications until the October 30 meeting of the Housing Committee.  Tim noted a cover sheet needs to be maintained with each application with a checklist. Tim agreed to find the application packet documents and Jennifer agreed to create a checklist to clip to each submitted application that Michele & Ann may use to check off the required documents and to ensure that all documents are submitted.
  • It was noted the DCRHA will need approximately 3 weeks to complete the determination of eligibility of applicants.
  • Review of Implementation Guidelines for Homesites
  • 2, 1. B
  • Jessica inquired why the size of the lot must be one acre. It was agreed to take up this topic at a later date.
  • Section 6:
  • Jessica noted this needs to be reviewed as well in the future.
  • Section 4:
  • Jessica noted a need to review 4., 6. & 7.
  • Section 4:
  • Jessica noted a need to review F. and wondered whether this is appropriate. Discussion occurred regarding how this criteria might be updated.
  • Section 4:
  • Jessica noted a need to review E. Discussion occurred regarding whether this criteria is appropriate as well.
  • Cont’d Review of Implementation Guidelines:
  • Jessica noted a need to review and revise the guidelines at a meeting in the winter, once the Nab’s Corner project is complete.
  • Discussion of durational requirements occurred.
  • Tim asked which preferences are most problematic. Jessica answered that the #4 & #5 are the most problematic.
  • Section 4, G, i. & ii:
  • Jessica noted an error. She stated “the past” should be taken out of the section ii.
  • Accessory Apartment Bylaw Draft
  • Draft #10
  • Jessica presented the update on the draft. She noted the comments of the Planning Board. Draft #10 has been submitted to the Planning Board subcommittee and Board for their meetings on July 28th.
  • David Vigneault of the DCRHA is to be invited to the next meeting of the subcommittee of the Planning Board to answer some questions.
  • There was discussion regarding the need to draft a final bylaw for the Special Town Meeting or the Annual Town Meeting. Bill advocated including the bylaw amendment on the 2015 ATM warrant due to expected interest. No decision was made.
Minutes June 7, 2014  
  • Minutes were reviewed. Ann was recognized and stated she requested a revision of the minutes and she submitted a written revision of the draft minutes. Discussion occurred. A motion was made by Jessica to replace the paragraph regarding durational preference with a sentence, “Discussion occurred regarding a durational requirement in the preferences portion of the Implementation Guidelines.” The motion was seconded. 5 ayes and 1 nay. A motion was made to approve the minutes with the change. The motion was seconded. 5 ayes and 1 nay.
  • Town Committee on Squibnocket Letter:
  • The committee took no action on the correspondence.
  • CDBG, FY15
  • Brief discussion occurred. Ann noted the committee needs to review the Chilmark section. It was requested that the topic be placed on the next agenda.
Meeting adjourned at 4:50PM

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