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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Housing Committee Minutes 07/07/14
C H I L M A R K   H O U S I N G   C O M M I T T E E
Monday, July 7, 2014
Chilmark Town Hall,

Present:  Andrew Goldman, Ann Wallace, Jessica Roddy, Bill Randol, Bill Rossi, Michele Leonardi, Jim Feiner, Roland Kluver

Staff:  Jennifer Christy, Tim Carroll

The meeting was called to order at 3:07PM

14 Village Court Affordable Housing Restriction:
  • Jim introduced the topic. Jessica summarized the agreement process. Jessica stated that the agreement drafted by the DCHRA/IHT is appropriate and adequate for the town in respect to the vote at ATM in April 2014.
  • Bill Rossi made a motion to accept the original document as satisfactory to the committee and fulfills the mandate of the voters at town meeting. Bill Randol seconded the motion. All ayes.
Accessory Apartments Bylaw:  
  • Bill Rossi stated his view that the bylaw is satisfactory.
  • Jessica summarized the history of the drafting of the accessory apartment bylaw.
  • Jessica reported on what has been submitted to the Planning Board and the upcoming schedule of appearance of the draft bylaw at a public hearing.
  • Bill Rossi moved to approve draft #9 of the accessory apartment bylaw. Bill Randol seconded the motion. All ayes.
  • Jim asked Jennifer to send the MV Times draft #9 (the Times had called, earlier in the week, for a copy of the draft of the accessory apartment bylaw. Draft #7 was provided to the reporter at that time.)
  • General discussion occurred about multi-family apartments and affordable housing options being explored in West Tisbury.
Nabs Corner:  
  • Discussion occurred about the process of applicant selection for the Nabs Corner homesite lots.
  • Andy stated his view that the applicant selection process may be able to be pursued simultaneous to the development process.
  • Jessica noted that she remembered town counsel had been asked to look at the selection process.
  • Bill Rossi said he did not know of any clarification from town counsel regarding the selection process. He offered to consult with town counsel to obtain counsels input on the selection process.
  • Discussion occurred about the possible structures for selection. Andy discussed the possibility of the town conducting a lottery prior to the selection by the Hillman family. He expressed his hope that the Hillman family would agree to the selection of the applicants through the town lottery.
  • Discussion occurred regarding a durational requirement in the preferences portion of the Implementation Guidelines.
  • The Committee reviewed the draft Middle Line Road Community Housing Program Proposed Lottery Application Timing document from 2007 as a guide.
  • Discussion occurred regarding the cost of the homesite lots. Jim suggested a sliding scale for the cost of the land depending on income. Bill Rossi noted the lots are subsidized by the town and there are many costs to bear to bring the homesite lots to a buildable state. He suggested the Selectmen would be willing to increase the lot costs to $25,000. It was noted that the limit to charge is $40,000.
  • Tim arrived at the meeting and noted the Nabs Corner project has a budget and $100,000 is available now for development.
  • No action was taken to make a recommendation on the cost of the lots to homesite applicants. Andy suggested that the issue of lot cost be discussed at a future meeting.
  • Jim summarized the duties of the board before the next meeting: review the Homesite Guidelines (Jennifer will send to all comm. Members), send the DCRHA an email to inquire about schedule for a lottery process, review the documents that were produced for the Middle Line Road process to be more clear on the process. Tim suggested that the applicant selection process be concluding in November 2014. Andy noted to Tim that the Housing Committee feels that a lottery should be held for the Homesite Lots to establish a sequence and then that list of winners is provided to the Hillman Family.
  • Jessica introduced and explained the other Nabs Corner documents in the packet: Bylaws of the Nabs Corner Road Association and the Middle Line Road Ground Lease. Bill Randol made a motion to send the bylaws and ground lease document to town counsel for review. Michele seconded the motion. All ayes.
Minutes June 2, 2014  
  • Minutes were approved as written.
The committee members noted that the affordable housing efforts of the town be presented at the Board of Selectmens seasonal resident meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 4:25PM

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