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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Housing March 25 2014
C H I L M A R K   H O U S I N G   C O M M I T T E E


Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Chilmark Town Hall,

Present:  Ann Wallace, Andrew Goldman, Bill Rossi, Jessica Roddy, Jim Feiner, Roland Kluver

Minutes:  The Committee approved the draft minutes of March 4, 2014

Subsidized Housing Inventory  Chuck Hodgkinson presented a Biennial Update of the subsidized housing inventory in Chilmark under Massachusetts State regulation.  Under the State 40B guidelines on what constitutes subsidized housing, Chilmark has three units which have benefited from housing upgrade loans furnished by The Resource Institute.  This makes for a 0.72% percent of housing units in Chilmark that are subsidized.  According to the Biennial Update, unless > 10% of the communitys housing stock qualifies as subsidized and is restricted to low or moderate income households, a developer may appeal to the state Housing Appeals Committee for review of local action on a Comprehensive Permit.

According to the Chilmark eligibility guidelines, people earning in a range from 100% AMI (for the Rental Assistance Program) up to 150% Area Median Income (for Homesite housing), have been eligible for Chilmark-supported housing initiatives. Over the past nine years, Chilmark has afforded housing and homeownership as follows:

Homesite (ownership): 12 lots, 6 of them at Middle Line Road, and two of them currently under development.  The two latest lots are being developed under a variance required because the lots are just under one acre in size.

Rentals:  6 current at MLR, and one anticipated in the Island Housing Trusts Village Court project which is under construction in Vineyard Haven.

Rental Assistance Program:  Four landlords are currently being compensated for the difference between year-round market rate and an affordable rental via the CPA Rental Assistance Program, managed by the DCHA.  An additional affordable rental is expected to come online in June or July.

The Youth Lot program, which has provided homeownership opportunity to ca. 30 families since its inception in the 1980s, is not counted in this inventory, since it has no income restriction for eligibility, nor is the land/housing associated with this program income- or eligibility-restricted into the future after the first ten years.

Draft Zoning Bylaw on Accessory Apartments   David Vigneault, Director of the Dukes County Housing Authority, and Chilmark Building Inspector Lenny Jason joined the Committee to discuss a draft Bylaw which would enable Chilmark landowners to create accessory apartments, either within an existing dwelling, garage or barn, or as a free-standing structure.  

Suggestions for improvement and refinement of the draft were discussed, including eligibility requirements, eligibility for rental assistance, and the timeline for adoption of the proposed Bylaw.  

The Committee asked Marina Lent to provide current figures for area medium income to Committee members and to place the issue of the proposed bylaw on the agenda of the next Planning Board meeting on April 14th.

Tiny House proposal: The Housing Committee discussed the idea of tiny houses as an affordable housing option in Chilmark, and concluded not to pursue it at this time.

The next meeting of the Housing Committee will be held on April 22, 2014.

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