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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
BOH Minutes Apr 19 2017
C h i l m a r k   B o a r d   o f   H e a l t h
M i n u t e s
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Chilmark Town Hall
5:00 pm

Present:  Katie Carroll, Matt Poole, Jan Buhrman

Also Present: Karsten Larsen, Dave Sauter, Chris Alley, Doug Dowling

Minutes of March 15, 2017 were approved.

Goldmunz, 31 Lake Road (35-39)   Dave Sauter informed the Board that the homeowners at 31 Lake Road would like to install an incinolet toilet in their barn, which is not hooked up to water.  The Board asked for a Title 5 application to be submitted with the proposal.  Marina Lent will help locate a copy of the application form.

Sushi Shack  Karsten Larsen came before the Board for a facility review of the Sushi Shack, with a proposal to purchase approved-source, sealed sushi boxes, transport them in a food-safe manner, for sale at the Shack.  He also proposed developing a raw bar, which is foreseen in the Basin Lot lease.    The Board noted that the proposed sale of pre-packaged sushi, sashimi, and raw bar is quite straightforward, and Karsten Larsen will work with Marina Lent and check with the Parks and Recreation Committee on the pre-operation inspection process.

Eaton, 129 Old Farm Road (3-42, 43)  Doug Dowling presented a septic construction permit application with the required correction of dates and explanation of test hole data which had gotten accidentally switched between drafts of the plan.  Having confirmed all necessary corrections, the Board approved the proposed plan.

Interstate Gas Pipeline:  The Board signed on in support of a letter opposing an interstate gas pipeline which was prepared by the Massachusetts Association of Health Boards (MAHB).

Lilienthal, Salt Meadow Way (21-52.3)   The Board reviewed a well permit application but was unable to approve the proposed well because the well was not staked and the required separations were not noted on the plan.

Zabel, 225 State Road (33-122)   The Board reviewed a well permit application for the property, but had questions regarding whether or not the required coastal zone 200’ separation applies in this case.

Lurie, 2 Gosnolds Road (14-1)  The Board approved a septic plan revision presented by Chris Alley changing component layout and creating eight-bedroom capacity in the system.

Opioid Outreach, Stonehill College:  Marina Lent reported that the Chilmark Health Department will represent the MV SUD Coalition at an informational session on April 25 2017 involving Massachusetts initiatives to address the opioid epidemic, including EB Hope and SAFE Coalition.  

Tick-Borne Illness Project:  The Board asked Marina Lent to invite Dick Johnson to their next scheduled meeting on May 3rd for a discussion of vector-borne illnesses and tick testing during the upcoming season.  The Board would like to do an informational mailing on tick-borne illnesses to Chilmark residents.

BOH Meeting Procedures:  The Board asked that, in future, Marina Lent should prepare Board review of agenda items that will not have a person-in-charge attending the meeting to present the topic.  

Sale of Tobacco and Tobacco Products:  The Board will review updates to its Tobacco Regulations at its upcoming meeting on May 3, 2017.  The Menemsha Texaco has announced that, beginning on May 1, 2017, tobacco products will no longer be sold to anyone under the age of 21.   

Vaccine exemption:   The Board issued a rabies vaccine exemption for Maggie Armstrong, a 14 year-old female Lab resident in Chilmark.

Chilmark School PWS   Following repeated TC+ tests and a Level I and Level II Assessment, the Department of Environmental Protection is now mandating month bacterial tests for the Chilmark School for a minimum period of one year.

Crossroad Mystery:  Marina Lent reported that she had been contacted by the residents of 23 Menemsha Crossroad (26-134), who reported that they had found surveyors’ tags in their backyard for work they had not requested.  A direct abutter also reported seeing the tags, and asked to be kept informed of any findings, as well as about the septic upgrade being developed for the Yard property.  The Board noted that they had not been contacted or been made aware in any way of septic work being done on the Quinson property at 23 Menemsha Crossroad.

Certificate of Compliance:  Lee Nominee Trust, 1 Clam Point Road (33-120);

Title 5 Official Inspection Report:  Sagan, 61 Stonewall Road (32-60);  LoRusso, 377 South Road (8-46);

The following Invoices were approved for payment:
  • Reimburse Marina Lent for miles to Worcester AWWA Conference $57.78
  • MVRD SEMASS-MSW $1,225.84

The meeting adjourned at 19:15 hours.

_______________________              _______________________                       _______________________
Katherine L. Carroll, Chair                 Matthew Poole                                       Janet L. Buhrman
Chilmark Board of Health                   Chilmark Board of Health                     Chilmark Board of Health

A recording of this meeting is on file at the Board of Health office and available for on-site review.

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