Town of Chilmark, MA
PO Box 119, 401 Middle Road, Chilmark, MA 02535-0119
Conservation Commission Revised Agenda 05/16/18
Site Visit 5/16/18 @ 11:45 AM

  • 12:30 PM:  (No Site Visit)  CONTINUED PUBLIC HEARING SE 12 – 809; REID SILVA FOR SCOTT ROSENBERG; 16 Shepherd’s Path; AP 24-1:  Eligible voters:  Candy, Sandy, Joan, Chris, Pam, Bob, Maureen):  Continued to May 16 from April 18 to provide time to answer DEP questions:  Remove invasive ornamental grasses located throughout the property—miscanthus (silvergrass) and manage the area.  The vegetation stalks will be tied in bundles and hand cut.  The remaining stems will be treated with Rodeo or other herbicide using the hand-swab method.  The work will be done in the dormant, winter months, throughout the open, wooded and wetlands areas of the property including Bordering Vegetated Wetlands and the 100-foot buffer zone of the wetlands and fresh water ponds.
  • 12:40 PM:  (Site Visit 5/16 @ 11:45AM)  PUBLIC MEETING RFD; CHRIS ALLEY FOR PAUL AND MARIAN LIPKE; 25 Windy Gates Rd.; AP 30-104.2:  Upgrade the existing two cesspool septic system to a Title V system within the 100-foot buffer zone of a Bordering Vegetated Wetland.  The closest activityt is 29 feet from the wetland edge.
  • 12:45 PM:  No Site Visit:  PUBLIC MEETING RFD GEORGE SOURATI FOR BOB SKYDELL; 16 Old Nursery Lane; AP 7-10.6:  Abandon an existing cesspool and install a new Title V septic system.  The cesspool is approximately 75 feet from the edge of a Bordering Vegetated Wetland.  The cesspool will be pumped dry, crushed and backfilled with clean, course sand.  The new system is located outside the wetland buffer zone.  A trench will be needed within the buffer zone to run a line from the house to the septic tank.
  • REQUEST FOR 3-YEAR EXTENSION ORDER OF CONDITIONS SE 12 – 748;                  UP-ISLAND, LLC.; 21 Squibnocket Road; AP 33-24  (Vytlacil house):  An Order was issued in October 2015 to construct a 4-foot wide field grass walking path through a wetland buffer with an elevated walkway over the wetland, remove the well house and install a kayak storage rack.  In March 2016 the path relocation was approved because of the steep ground slope in the original spot.  The owner requests a 3-year extension for this Order.  He has been renovating the house and has not yet been able to do this work.
Meeting Minutes: 4/4/18; 4/18/18.

Ceremonial opening Squibnocket Beach:  Thursday, May 24 @ 12 noon on the beach rain or shine.

Basin Road site plan with resource delineations and elevations (regarding Planning Board proposed bus U Turn).

Order of Conditions SE 12 – 809; Rosenberg; AP 24-1 (if voted).
Determination of Applicability Lipke; AP 30-104.2 (if voted).
Determination of Applicability Skydell; AP 7-10.6 (if voted).
                Extension SE 12 – 748; Up-Island, LLC; AP 35-21 (if voted).

        Chuck’s Performance Review.
  • NEXT MEETING:  Next Meeting June 6, 2018 @ 12:30 PM.