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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Conservation Commission Revised Agenda 08/02/17
No Site Visits

  • REQUEST FOR DETERMINATION OF APPLICABILITY; JERRY KAUFF; 0 Meadow Lane; AP 31-112:  Remove 3-4 trees on Map 31 Lot 11.2 to open the water view for Map 31 Lot 9.3.  The work will be done in the fall – after bird nesting season and in accordance with standard forestry practices.  The stumps will be left in place.  The activity is within 100 feet of the top of the Menemsha Pond Coastal Bank and on land that is also protected by a Town Conservation Restriction granted to the Wiesner family.
  • POSSIBLE DISCUSSION BARBARA LAMPSON FOR LINDA GREENBERG; 12 Larsen Lane, North Fork; AP 27.1-217:  An Enforcement Order was issued on June 13 to restore a cleared area within the Riverfront Zone and the 100-foot buffer zone of a perennial stream.  Fill was added to the cleared area which was on the owner’s land and the neighbor’s land.  Barbara would like to present the landscape plan.  Here are the requirements in the Order:
  • All work shall cease and desist immediately.  Done.
  • Siltation fencing with staked hay bales shall be installed immediately on the northwest side of the cleared and filled area to prevent erosion runoff from draining into the neighboring properties—AP 27.1-42 and AP 27.1-215.  The Conservation Agent shall inspect the siltation barriers before any restorative work begins, left in place and maintained in good condition until the new plantings are established. Done.
  • The north lot line shall be surveyed and staked.  Survey completed.  Four stones approximately two cubic feet in size shall be placed on each corner of the lot and in between the two lot corners to accurately delineate the limit of the property.  These shall not be removed and left in place for future landscaper reference.
All fill shall be removed from the site while leaving adequate topsoil for establishing the newly-planted material.  The natural existing grade of the land shall be restored.
A detailed landscape plan shall be presented and approved by the Commission or its designee that restores the affected area to its previous natural state of native vegetation.
The plan shall be provided before July 12 or on a mutually agreed date.

Meeting Minutes: 7/19/17.

Reid Silva:  Expanded path and bridge over Roaring Brook—AP 14-7.
Warren Doty:  Follow up Menemsha boardwalk in salt marsh.
Warren Doty:  Discuss potential site for Tri-Town Ambulance Building—Men. Crossrd, AP 26-137.
Comment on Keith Emin subdivision plan—AP13-10.2.
Comment on Muglia subdivision plan—AP 17-38.2.

Discuss bylaw violations and landscapers.
Discuss definition of tear down versus maintenance.
Determination of Applicability Kauff; AP 31-9.3 (if voted).

  • NEXT MEETING:  Next Meeting August 16 @ 12:30 PM

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