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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Community Preservation Committee Minutes 10/21/15

Present for the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) and attending the meeting were:  Jane Slater, Chairman, Tim Carroll, Andy Goldman, Warren Doty, Bill Rossi, Allen Healy, John Eisner, Pam Goff and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Also attending were Susan Stevens, Nick Briggs, Posie Haeger, Ann Smith and Philippe Jordi.    

The meeting came to order at 6:00 PM.  Ms. Slater welcomed all of the guests.  She then mentioned she has served as the Committee’s Chair for two years and it’s time to rotate the responsibility.  Ms. Slater added that she would be happy to stay on and continue representing the Historical Commission.  The Committee thanked Jane for her service.  After a brief pause and survey of the Committee Ms. Goff was nominated as the next CPC Chairman.  The nomination was seconded and unanimously approved.

Ms. Goff thanked the Committee for their support and invited the first guest to present his proposal.  Chuck H. explained the process for evaluating CPA fund requests for the    April 25, 2016 Annual Town Meeting.  

Philippe Jordi, Island Housing Trust (IHT):  Mr. Jordi explained he has submitted a regional application to all six Towns seeking a cumulative total of $700,000 CPA Affordable Housing Funds to purchase approximately 6-acres of land in Tisbury for a Keune’s Way rental apartment project.  The IHT has already purchased the land and will use the money to reimburse itself.  The plan is to raise $7 million in grants to construct 22 affordable apartments for qualified residents with a maximum of 60 percent of county median income.  The apartments will be two and three bedroom units and designed as the Sepiessa units in West Tisbury.  Chilmark’s 10 percent share of the land cost is $70,000.

The Committee asked why there will not be any one-bedroom units since David Vigneault of the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority has been saying the highest demand and need is for one bedroom units.  Mr. Jordi said he was not aware of this as IHT is the developer.

The Committee mentioned that in 2014 Chilmark appropriated $65,000 of CPA funds for IHT’s acquisition and renovation of six Village Park apartments in Vineyard Haven and received a “Chilmark preference” for one of the six units.  Mr. Jordi acknowledged this and said we should check with Mr. Vigneault to see if one of the units went to a Chilmark applicant—if one applied.  The Committee then asked if Chilmark will receive a similar arrangement if the funds are recommended and approved by voters.  Mr. Jordi said no.  This is a regional project.

The Committee further inquired how long it might take to raise the $7 million needed to build the apartments.  Mr. Jordi said IHT will need to fund the program through state grants.  It has submitted one application that was not successful and said they will need to continue submitting annual applications until the funds are raised.   

Ms. Goff thanked Mr. Jordi and invited Ms. Haeger to present her proposal.

Posie Haeger, Featherstone Center for the Arts; Oak Bluffs:  Ms. Haeger thanked the Committee for its time and introduced her colleague Ann Smith.  Ms. Smith explained this is a regional application seeking a cumulative total of $70,000 CPA Parks & Recreation Funds from all six Towns to make the outdoor amphitheater safe, accessible and have a more efficient use of space.  Chilmark’s share is $7,800 (11.1 % total).

Ms. Smith continued by stating the CPA funds will be used for meeting accessibility requirements and the $70,000 is a portion of a complete capital and renovation project costing $244,000.  The accessible aspects will include improvements to the parking area and pathways to the amphitheater that will accommodate wheelchairs.  Ms. Goff thanked both for coming and invited Mr. Briggs to review his proposal.

Nick Briggs, MV Skate park Association; Oak Bluffs:  Mr. Briggs explained the skate park is a private 501c3 that is funded by Oak Bluffs for trash removal and simple upkeep.  The funds to build the park were obtained through private fund raising several years ago of which Chilmark was a donor.  He continued by saying this too is a regional application seeking a cumulative total of $200,000 CPA Park & Recreation Funds from all six Towns to fund the improvement and expansion of the skate park features.  He amended his request for Chilmark to $22,260 which is 11.13 percent of the total amount of CPA funds being requested.  This percentage is based upon the County’s 50/50 formula.  

He explained concrete ramps will be installed to replace the existing wooden ramps and several new features will be constructed.  The Committee explained that no CPA funds may be used for operating expenses.  Mr. Briggs assured the Committee the funds would only be used for construction.  With no further questions Ms. Goff thanked Mr. Briggs and invited The Head of Chilmark School, Susan Stevens to present her proposal.

Susan Stevens, Chilmark School:  Ms. Stevens explained this is a formal request of the concept she discussed with the Committee earlier this year in March.  She is seeking up to $74,000 of Chilmark’s CPA Park & Recreation Funds to upgrade and expand the existing playground.  She shared catalogue photos of the new features that are planned for the playground and distributed samples of the construction materials for the various items.  The Committee asked if this is a regional request and Ms. Stevens said it is not and she is seeking 100 percent of the cost from Chilmark CPA funds.  The Committee pointed out the West Tisbury School has a similar regional proposal for a $495,000 playground and asked why funds were not requested from other Towns in the District.  Ms. Stevens explained the vast majority of playground use comes from Chilmark residents.  The summer Community Center (CCC) also uses the playground and Ms. Stevens has requested a contribution from this organization as well.  The Committee asked if she could get a firm commitment from the CCC before the public hearing on November 18 as the Committee needs a specific amount to consider.  Ms. Stevens agreed and thanked the Committee.

Chilmark Housing Committee:  Mr. Goldman said the Chilmark Housing Committee is seeking $75,000 CPA Affordable Housing Funds to replenish the rent subsidy program funding.  The program is managed by the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority.  The current balance of $31,700 (through the November 2015 payment) will last to September 2016 at the current monthly cost and annual fee expense.  He said the Committee did not meet in time to formally vote and send a formal request for this meeting.  He assured the Committee this will be done before the November 18 hearing.

Review CPA Fund Balances through 9/30/15:  The Committee reviewed a summary schedule of all CPA appropriations to date by fund category.  Chuck H. said we will most likely know the state matching amount for FY 2015 by the November 18 meeting.  We have budgeted a state matching amount of $107,456 or 50 percent of committed tax revenue.  He added the estimated FY 2017 revenues will be available at the November 18 meeting for budgeting purposes.


The March 21, 2015 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved as presented by consensus.

The next meeting and public hearing are scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2015 @ 6:00 PM.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:02 PM.  

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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