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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Community Preservation Committee Minutes 10/17/12

Present for the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) and attending the meeting were:  Andy Goldman, Tim Carroll, Pam Goff, Warren Doty, Allen Healy and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Jane Slater, Janet Weidner and Karin Wetmore were absent.  Nancy Cole, Martina Thornton and Paul Karasik also attended.  

The meeting came to order at 6:00 PM.  A motion was made to appoint Mr. Goldman as acting Chairman for the meeting.  It was seconded and enthusiastically approved with five in favor.

NANCY COLE OF THE MV MUSEUM:  After introductions Ms. Cole reviewed the status of the two-year historic document and artifact cataloguing and restoration project.  The Museum hired three interns this summer and recently hired an archivist to oversee the project.  They anticipate the work will be finished by the end of 2013.  Ms. Cole also reviewed the special conditions and specific uses for Chilmark’s year 1 appropriation of $8,610 that was approved at the April 2012 Annual Town Meeting.  Chuck H. distributed the first invoice against this appropriation for $1,528.35 with the detailed description of the supplies that were purchased.  The Committee reviewed the invoice and agreed it met the conditions.  Mr. Goldman signed the invoice for payment.

Ms. Cole thanked the Committee and explained the Museum is now asking for Chilmark’s second installment for $8,610 for voter consideration.  She confirmed that Edgartown has not contributed to the project.  The Committee reviewed the application and thought everything was in order.  Chuck H. explained the Historical Commission has not yet had the opportunity to review the proposal and make a recommendation to the CPC.

After brief discussion a motion was made to recommend the request for $8,610 of CPA Historic Preservation Reserve Funds for voter consideration at the April 2013 Annual Town Meeting pending the findings of the Historical Commission and public input.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved with five in favor.

DUKES COUNTY MANAGER, MARTINA THORNTON:   The Committee introduced themselves to Ms. Thornton and welcomed her to the meeting.  Ms. Thornton summarized the history of the project that will eventually restore all of the windows on the historic County Courthouse.  Phase I is complete and before and after pictures were shared with the Committee.  Ms. Thornton explained the second set of 26 windows still need to be restored and she is approaching all six towns as done for Phase I.  Chilmark’s share is $7,670 of a total budgeted cost of $72,150.  This is more than the previous appropriation because the Phase I budget was based upon a rough estimate.  The budget for Phase II is based upon actual costs.  She added the county’s 50/50 formula was used to determine each town’s share of the total cost and if Phase II is approved by all six towns, the county will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) before awarding the job.

After discussion a motion was made to recommend the request for $7,670 of CPA Historic Preservation Reserve Funds for voter consideration at the April 2013 Annual Town Meeting pending provided the Historical Commission agrees and the Committee receives public input.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved with five in favor.

PAUL KARASIK OF THE CHARTER SCHOOL:  The Committee welcomed Mr. Karasik and introduced themselves.  Mr. Karasik shared photos and explained the Charter School would like to resurface its outdoor basketball court.  He is applying to all six towns for CPA Parks & Recreation Funds to pay for the court’s rehabilitation.  Based upon the County’s 50/50 formula Chilmark’s share of an estimated $67,000 budget is $3,340.

The Committee asked how the budget was established because Chilmark re-surfaced the basketball court at the Community Center for much less.  Chuck H. added the new outdoor basketball court at the West Tisbury School was budgeted at $80,000.  The final cost was at least $10,000 less.  Mr. Karasik said he asked several people and they recommended getting a cost estimate from a reputable company.  The Committee suggested using the same specifications and obtaining a few competing quotes.             Mr. Karasik agreed and added the Charter School is a 501c3 and has a fund-raising organization that will also try to raise additional funds through private donations.

Committee member Ms. Goff disclosed her son-in-law works for the Charter School and Mr. Healy said his children are students at the Charter School.  

After discussion the Committee agreed it needed more input and time to consider the request.  It agreed to include this request in the public hearing that will be held to review all FY 2013 CPA fund requests.  This public comment will help the Committee reach its conclusions about whether or not to recommend the request to voters.  They further recommended that Mr. Karasik bring several different cost quotes to the public hearing and recalculate each Town’s share accordingly.  

PUBLIC HEARING:  After reviewing calendars, the Committee agreed to hold its public hearing on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 @ 6:00 PM to review all CPA fund proposals.  After the hearing, the Committee will vote on its formal recommendations for the April 2013 Annual Town Meeting.

FY 2012 STATE MATCHING FUNDS:  Chuck H. announced the Commonwealth has matched 58 percent of Chilmark’s FY 2012 CPA committed tax surcharge of $183,638 and will send a check for $107,028 in early November.  The state-wide average matching level was 37.6 percent.

CHILMARK SOFTBALL FIELD REHABILITATION:  Mr. Carroll suggested the Committee consider rehabilitating Chilmark’s softball field at Peaked Hill with CPA Parks & Recreation Funds.  He has a rough cost estimate of $40,000 for the project.     Mr. Doty thought this might be a worthwhile endeavor but asked if a comprehensive plan for this town-owned land could be considered before deciding on the ball field.  This land is a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) for the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC).  Any changed use of the property would need MVC review.  The Committee agreed this should be done before deciding how to invest CPA funds.


The July 19, 2012 meeting minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved as presented.  

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM.  

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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