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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Community Preservation Committee Minutes 02/15/12
Present for the Community Preservation Committee and attending the meeting were:     Janet Weidner, Andy Goldman, Jane Slater, Tim Carroll, Warren Doty, Pam Goff, Allen Healy, Karin Wetmore and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Clark Goff also attended.  

The meeting came to order at 6:00 PM.  Ms. Weidner and the Committee wished          Ms. Slater and Mr. Doty a happy birthday.  A unique rendition of Happy Birthday with harmonica accompaniment by Bette Carroll was sung by all and followed by generous servings of home-made birthday cake.  All candles were successfully extinguished in one breath.  

The Committee was pleased the Tea Lane Farm plan and proposed CPA appropriation were both approved by voters at the February 13th Special Town Meeting.  The draft agreement for administering the appropriation was discussed.  The appropriation and final agreement will be administered by the Historical Commission.

The Committee agreed the CPA agreement should be structured in a way to avoid having the recipient realize a “wind fall profit” on the renovations done with this money.

After discussion the Committee agreed to the following concept:

CPA Appropriation Application Process

  • The recipient must own the Tea Lane Farmhouse and be the lessee of the Town-owned Tea Lane Farm land – Assessor’s Map 12 Lot 4.2.
  • The recipient may receive the CPA funds in increments up to a cumulative total of $100,000.  Each incremental award of funds should coincide with the specific renovation work that is agreed upon.  It is not necessary to have all $100,000 of CPA fund-eligible work done at one time.  This allows the recipient to use the funds and renovate the farmhouse in several phases if desired.
  • The recipient, Historical Commission and Board of Selectmen shall review the scope of work, any related plans or drawings and an itemized cost estimate for the planned set of renovations.  Both materials and labor costs should be specified.  The Historical Commission and Board of Selectmen shall review the plans to ensure they are consistent with the farmhouse renovation guidelines established by the Historical Commission—see Ground Lease Exhibit I and the deed restriction.
  • The CPA money may be used for contractor materials and labor costs or, owner-purchased construction materials.  The recipient may not use CPA funds as payment for personal labor invested in the renovations.  
  • Once agreement is reached on the specific renovation plans and costs the recipient shall obtain any required Town permits and secure the funds needed for the work – such as from available personal cash on hand, a mortgage or through a construction home improvement loan.
  • The applicant may then do the renovations.
CPA Appropriation Payment Process

When the work is finished and has passed all required inspections, the applicant shall review all paid receipts with the Historical Commission as proof the work was completed as specified.  The Commission will then release the portion of the $100,000 CPA funds appropriation that was approved for and spent on the specific farmhouse renovations.  

How will the value of the CPA-funded improvements affect the selling price of the farm assets as outlined in the Town’s Ground Lease?  It is the Town’s intention to keep the CPA appropriation invested in the farmhouse.  Any CPA-funded improvements made to the farmhouse will not be counted as “Added Value” as outlined in Article 7 of the Town’s Ground Lease.  When the farmer decides to sell the farm assets, the dollar value of the CPA-funded improvements to the farmhouse shall not be included in the agreed selling price of the farmhouse as outlined in Article 10 of the Town’s Ground Lease.

Next Steps:  Chuck H. will send a revised draft agreement to the Committee for review and final approval at the March 21st meeting.


Ms. Slater reviewed the renovation guidelines for renovations done to the historic farmhouse.  These guidelines were approved by the Historical Commission.  They will also be the basis for drafting a deed restriction for the Town’s 3-acre parcel of land.  The guidelines will also be included in the Town’s ground lease.

After discussion a motion was made to endorse the renovation guidelines as presented.  The motion was seconded.  In discussion Ms. Goff suggested adding a statement that would expand on the window section of the guidelines.  She thought something such as “all windows should be appropriate and consistent throughout the house”.

The motion came to a vote and passed with seven in favor and one abstention (Ms. Goff).


The January 18, 2012 meeting minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved as presented.  The next meeting will be March 21, 2012 @ 6:00 PM.  

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.  

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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