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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Community Preservation Committee Minutes 08/23/05

Present for the Community Preservation Committee and attending the meeting were:  Karin Wetmore, Jane Slater, Phil Smith, Warren Doty, Bill Randol and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Absent:  John Flender, Bruce Bartels and Andy Goldman.   Also attending was Brien Hefler of the MV Gazette.

Mr. Doty asked the committee for a moment of silence to honor the terrible loss of our fellow committee member Molly Flender.  Her tireless energy and devotion to creating affordable housing in Chilmark was the driving force behind the Middle Line Road program.  She will be greatly missed by all.

Mr. Smith opened the meeting at 7:06 PM as acting chair in Mr. Flender’s absence with the following agenda:
-       Stone wall and public vista restoration projects update.
-       Town Forest update.
-       Menemsha Harbor Commercial Fishing discussion.
-       Special Town Meeting Warrant Articles.
-       July 26, 2005 Meeting Minutes.
-       CPA Fund Use State Report.

1.      PROJECT UPDATES:  Chuck Hodgkinson said Jimmy Morgan hoped to finish contacting all of the stone wall abutters before Labor Day and will begin restoring the Middle Road stone wall section soon thereafter.  Tea Lane Nursery is still contacting property owners for the view clearing.

2.      TOWN FOREST:  A map and a copy of the deed to the Town Forest were distributed to all committee members for discussion at the next CPC meeting.

3.      MENEMSHA HARBOR:  A discussion outline titled “Back to the Future.  Preserving Historic Menemsha Harbor’s Commercial Fishing Heritage, Traditions and Culture” was distributed and reviewed.  Mr. Randol commented that the Committee should meet with several of the fisherman to get first hand feedback.  The group agreed one of the key elements needed to help preserve Menemsha’s commercial fishing is restoring the traditional local wholesale fish buying connection.  Mr. Doty outlined the needs and said the goal would be to have about twenty 50 ft., mixed-use commercial fishing vessels in the harbor each earning $500 to $800/day.  He continued that this in not an unreasonable goal to attain.  A twenty-boat fleet would provide a large enough catch for a wholesale buyer to establish a base of operations in the harbor.  The group also wondered if CPA funds could be used to help restore the shell fishing business and beds in Menemsha Pond.
Each member of the committee agreed to submit a list of questions they would like answered to Chuck Hodgkinson.  He will consolidate all the questions for the committee and use them as a guide for identifying the best people to contact to obtain the answers.

4.      CPC WARRANT ARTICLES:  The drafts for two Special Town meeting warrant articles were reviewed and approved with minor corrections.

5.      JULY 26 MEETING MINUTES:  The minutes of the July 26th CPC meeting were reviewed.  Mr. Smith made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Ms. Wetmore seconded and the vote was unanimous in favor.

6.      CPA FUND USE REPORT:  The Town Accountant’s fiscal 2005 CPA fund use report that must be submitted to the state was reviewed and signed as required.

7.    NEXT CPC MEETING:  The next CPC meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday,       September 27 @ 7:00 PM.  Mr. Doty made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Ms. Slater seconded and the meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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