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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Community Preservation Committee Minutes 07/26/05

Present for the Community Preservation Committee and attending the meeting were:  Andy Goldman, Karin Wetmore, Bruce Bartels, Jane Slater, Phil Smith and Chuck Hodgkinson.     Absent:  John Flender, Warren Doty and Bill Randol.  

Mr. Smith opened the meeting at 7:05 PM as acting chair in Mr. Flender’s absence with the following agenda:

-       Stone wall and public vista restoration projects update.
-       CPA funds update.
-       Review May 24, 2005 CPC meeting minutes.
-       Open discussion:  Future CPA projects.

1.      PROJECT UPDATES:  Chuck Hodgkinson summarized the progress and estimated timing for executing the Open Space Restoration and Historic Preservation projects that were approved at the April 25 Annual Town Meeting.  Tea Lane Nursery was awarded the public vista restoration project and Morgan Stone & Landscape Service was awarded the stone wall restoration project.  Both contractors will contact each abutting property owner during July and August and perform the approved work during September – November.  It was noted that once the specific brush and tree pruning details are determined, the Clam Point Cove project might need to submit a Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission before beginning the work.

The committee discussed and agreed the Historical Commission should develop a publicity and education program on the history of Chilmark’s stone walls and stone pounds.  The publicity campaign will be launched while the stone wall restoration is taking place. The education program may include several engaging education seminars and possibly a presentation by Jimmy Morgan, the stonemason who will restore the walls.  These seminars can take place at the Library facility.

2.      CPA FUNDS UPDATE:  An updated summary of CPA funds and appropriations was reviewed.  It was agreed to determine which projects are completed and paid in full.  Once completed the CPC will request voter approval to reassign any unused, appropriated funds to reserve funds or to future projects and appropriations that may arise.   

3.      MAY 24 MEETING MINUTES:  The May 24 meeting minutes were reviewed.  Mr. Smith made a motion to approve the minutes with minor corrections.  Mr. Bartels seconded and the vote was unanimous in favor.

4.      FUTURE CPA PROJECTS:  Several ideas for possible future CPA projects were shared and discussed.

A.      Open Space Preservation - Town Forest:  Ms. Wetmore suggested re visiting the possibility of obtaining a walking trail easement from abutting property owners to provide public access to the 36-acre town forest off State Road (Map 30 Lot 107).   Mr. Smith outlined the history of the parcel and how past attempts to secure a trail easement several years ago failed.  It was agreed it might be worthwhile to try again and contact the property owners.  

Next Steps:  A map of the town forest and abutting lots will be prepared along with a draft letter from the CPC to each property owner.  Mr. Bartels added the letter should point out the benefits a trail easement would provide for the specific property owners such as the possibility of lower property taxes and less risk of brush fires if the ground brush is thinned.  Another suggestion was to name the trail after the property owner that grants the easement.

B.      Historic Preservation – Menemsha Harbor’s Commercial Fishing:  Chuck Hodgkinson outlined a concept for the possible use of CPA funds to help preserve Menemsha Harbor’s commercial fishing industry and heritage.  Significant discussion took place on Menemsha’s fishing history and its significance to the Town; the current state of the industry and trends; the gradual changes that have occurred over time to Menemsha’s fleet composition and size and the possible long term impact a further reduction of Menemsha’s fishing industry would have on the Town’s character and traditions.  

The committee concluded that this project is important to preserving Chilmark’s history and traditions and should be explored further.

Next Steps:  A more detailed outline of one (or more) plans and their relevance to CPA fund use will be drafted for committee review.   It was also agreed to invite several commercial fisherman to a future CPC meeting for further input.

5.  NEXT CPC MEETING:  The next CPC meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, August 23           @ 7:00 PM.

Mr. Goldman made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Bartels seconded.   The vote was unanimous to adjourn the meeting at 8:22 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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