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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Community Preservation Committee Minutes 03/22/05

Present for the Community Preservation Committee and attending the meeting were:  Andy Goldman, Warren Doty, Karin Wetmore, Bruce Bartels, Jane Slater and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Absent:  John Flender, Molly Flender, and Phil Smith.  

Mr. Doty opened the meeting at 7:00 as acting chair in Mr. Flender’s absence with the following agenda:
-       Review CPC member composition.
-       Review current projects.
-       Review CPC funds status and the Middle Line Road project.
-       Review April 25, 2005 Annual Town Meeting details.
-       Approve December 20, 2004 CPC minutes.

1.      CPC Member Composition:  The committee reluctantly accepted Molly Flender’s letter of resignation from the CPC.  Jane Slater was nominated as the CPC representative for the Historical Commission.  Mr. Doty asked the members to begin the process of identifying a candidate for the open Member At Large seat on the committee.  A letter has been sent to the Housing Committee soliciting a replacement for Molly Flender’s seat.  It was agreed to hold John Flender’s seat as the Planning Board’s representative until further notice.

2.      Current CPC Projects:  The status of the four CPC projects requesting funds appropriation in Article 27 on the 4/25/05 Town Warrant was reviewed.  It was agreed the proposed appropriation of up to $23,000 to control the Phragmites infestation along Doctor’s Creek is to be used only if other outside sources of funds do not cover the cost of the four-phase program.  It was also agreed that this project would benefit all Chilmark residents, as there is public access to Chilmark Pond through the Landbank’s property.

It was discussed that the Quitsa Pond Overlook can be more accurately labeled as the Clam Point Cove Overlook.

It was agreed to formally solicit bids for the stone wall restoration and scenic overlook preservation projects should the voters at Town meeting approve them.  The Executive Secretary has since outlined the process that includes advertising the request for bids as well as inviting several contractors to bid – should no one respond to the advertisement.  This process will begin after the April 25 Town Meeting.  

The Committee agreed that a liability release form should be developed by Town Counsel to protect the property abutters and Town from possible damages that may arise from the stone wall, scenic overlook or Phragmites control projects and work.

3.      CPC Funds Status:  Mr. Doty gave the committee an update and summary of the Middle Line Road affordable housing project.  A detailed schedule of CPA funds status and a projection through fiscal 2008 was reviewed.   After discussion the Committee agreed the Middle Line Road project and affordable housing does provide a benefit for all Chilmark taxpayers by providing the tools to ensure Chilmark maintains a diverse population and is a mechanism to help Chilmark families continue to grow as Town residents from generation to generation.

The Committee also agreed that it is important to continue to use CPA funds for the other prescribed benefits of open space preservation, historic preservation and parks and recreation projects.

4.      April 25, 2005 Town Meeting:  A public hearing will be scheduled before the Town Meeting to solicit questions or comments from residents on the CPC’s Article 27.  It has since been scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th @ 7:30 PM at Town Hall.  Ms. Slater suggested and the Committee agreed that the CPC should identify specific individuals to be available to field questions or comments at Town Meeting.  Mr. Goldman volunteered to speak for the stone wall restoration and scenic overlook preservation projects.  Chuck Hodgkinson will ask Rusty Walton to be available to discuss the Phragmites control project.  Ms. Slater suggested identifying additional town residents who may be proponents of this project to be available as necessary.  Jane Wilkie and Pam Goff were suggested as possibilities.  The chair of the Housing Committee will be contacted and asked to speak for the Rent Assistance appropriation if necessary.

5.    Approve December 20, 2004 CPC Minutes:  The minutes for the 12/20/04 CPC meeting were reviewed.  Mr. Doty made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Mr. Goldman seconded.  The vote to approve the minutes was unanimous.

6.      Next CPC Meeting:  The Committee agreed to schedule the next CPC meeting when all bids for the proposed projects are received.  They also asked that each stone wall mason provide photographs of their past work as part of the bid.  

Mr. Goldman made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Bartels seconded.   The vote was unanimous to adjourn the meeting at 8:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, Administrative Assisitant.

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